Written by Joshua

18 Aug 2010

You will recall that I set up a big handsome black man, Max to service the burglar alarm, knowing my wife had the hots for him. She had never strayed before but I had challenged her this time to do so. after an agonising wait, she texted me to get home as soon as i could.

I rushed home to find my wife in bed. She was lying there in her dressing gown. It was then the realisation hit me – she really had fucked him.

I stripped off and climbed into bed. To break the ice I asked if she had had fun. Stupid question she said as she took my hand and led it to her pussy. She was wearing knickers but the gusset was very wet.

What’s with the knickers? I asked. To keep his spunk there for you she replied.

I rubbed my fingers over her mound and leant across to kiss her. I climbed across her at the same time and began to pull her knickers down. When they were down to her ankles I pushed them off with my foot as we continued to snog. it was very erotic and we were both horny as hell.

I was rock hard and she opened her legs for me. I rubbed the end of my cock on her pussy lips, she was drenched and I pushed right into her. She wimpered a little, ‘careful’ she said ‘I’m a bit sore’.

I started to pump away but she soon stopped me as it was too painful. Clearly Max had given her one hell of a seeing to. I was a little disappointed to say the least but decided to try for the back door, but that was too sore too! ‘Sorry’ is all she could say.

I decided to go down on her. I’ve never experienced sloppy seconds before, let alone licked out a woman who is full of another man’s spunk. as you might think, it tasted different to usual. I carefully licked her clit as I wanked myself.

My wife was clearly very aroused as she came quite quickly. ‘Cum over me’ she instructed. I raised myself up the bed and finished myself off all over her hairy spunk matted pussy. It was quite a sight.

I collapsed on top of her and kissed her again before moving off her onto the bed.

‘I’m going to put the kettle on, then you’re going to tell me all about it’ I told her.

‘ok love’ she said. ‘don’t be long, I need a sleep!’