Written by juicemonkey

3 Aug 2017

Hello again to all who enjoy my true stories . This spin off from Keighley market toilets continues on from my motorway services encounter . Occasionally i would take a different route back from my Manchester/Liverpool deliveries , instead of the M62 i would return via certain A roads and then the M65 from Preston onto Colne , then back on the A road to Keighley which went through Cowling / Crossroads then past Utley toilets and into Keighley. It was a hot day and almost every van driver i saw was shirtless , i had come off the M65 and was on the A road to Keighley , i pulled up and stripped out of my shirt then set back off again . Almost straight away the breeze had my nipples rock hard and my cock stirred in my pants , driving along i entered the village of Cowling , about half way through i noticed a sign for Oakworth 6 miles on my right , hmm i thought , i wonder if this road takes me over the moors road . I turned right onto the road and headed into the moors , it was a very quiet road , too narrow for most of the larger vehicles , i drove along passing 1 or 2 farms along the way , ( all the time i am planning for the following week ) and quite a few lay - bys . About 3 mile in there was one larger parking area , this is the place , i thought to myself and pulled in , my cock was rock hard and straining at my pants , but in no time my pants were round my ankles and my cock was in my hand , my mind started wondering , my shirt was off and my pants were round my ankles , i was virtually naked . Fuck it i thought and slowly eased my pants off , WOW my cock is really throbbing now and my heart is pounding as i gently click open the van door , i light a cigarette before i proceed to stand at the side of the van fully naked , I am fucking loving this , there is now a cool breeze on my body but my cock is still throbbing , i move a little further from the van , taking in the view as i finish my cigarette , i start to once more stroke my cock thinking and planning for the next week , its too much and i shoot my spunk up and over my body , i return to the van and once i am sat down i start scooping the spunk from my body into my mouth , FUCKING NICE a voice says , oh bollocks i think and rush to get my clothes on , i turn and see a young farmer looking over the wall . What did you see i ask , all of it he replies , what are you going to do then , are you going to report me to the police , erm not in my situation he said , what do you mean i ask , leave your clothes off and come over here he replies . My heart was pounding again but this time with nerves , my cock had gone soft but still had a semi look about it . Watching all around me i moved over to the wall , FUCKING HELL his pants were round his ankles and he was pulling on a 9 inch cock , what do you want me to do i ask , hurry i dont want to get caught out here . Get over this wall and suck my cock he says , fucking hell i was over in seconds , i took over from his hand with mine pulling his foreskin over to reveal a gorgeous purple bell end , i sunk to my knees and quickly licked around his cock end before slipping it into my mouth , it was hot and throbbing , i wont last he says , ive been tossing it all the time since you were here . Looking at the size of his balls i knew i was in for a big load , i bobbed up and down on his cock as if my life depended on it , within minutes he was gushing into my mouth and his hot spunk was gratefully swallowed down my throat . I licked all around his bell end to make sure i had got it all . Can i get dressed now i asked , i suppose so he replies . once we were all legal again i asked him if he was going to be here next week , i could be why he asked , i wouldnt mind that cock up my arse i said , in that case i will be here for sure he says , same time i reply and be ready because i will already be naked , WHAT he says , but he is too late i have already driven off .

The following week arrives and on the Tuesday i had a one off delivery to Blackburn , great i thought , a chance for me to get naked and drive back , so once i had done the delivery i got back to Colne and onto the A road to Keighley , i pulled up and very cautiously removed my shirt , then off came my shoes and i slid my pants off before replacing my shoes so i could drive . My cock soon became erect and i had a couple of pulls on it before i set off again , fucking hell it felt great driving along with fuck all on , i got to Cowling and turned up towards Oakworth , all the time pulling on my cock , i drove along the moors and passed the larger parking area , thinking of the young farmers 9 inch cock as i did , i couldnt wait till tomorrow . I found another parking bay and got back into my clothes .The day had arrived , it was a sunny day again and i made sure that my deliveries were complete in time for my encounter with the young farmer. Once again i had pulled up on the A road to Keighley , i was already shirtless as it was a hot day , my shoes came off and then my pants before once again my shoes were replaced to drive and i was naked in the van . I checked the time and set off , about half way between Colne and Cowling i came across some roadworks , oh shit , i thought , ive got fuck all on , my cock is throbbing , and i hope i am not late for my young farmer . I am now in the queue at the temporary lights , the sun hitting the windscreen and me pulling at my cock , the traffic is coming towards me , there is 2 or 3 wagons in the queue , the first starts flashing his lights , fuck it , i thought he had recognised me , as he got nearer he slowed right down , fucking hell , he could see right in my van , bollocks i thought and lifted my arse off the seat so he could get a better view , as he came passed my door he shouted , the sun is hitting your windscreen and the reflection is showing you bollock naked , its nice though he says as he trundles on by , the 2nd and 3rd wagons also give me the thumbs up as they pass and then i am back on my way . Soon i am in Cowling and turn up towards Oakworth . I am loving this , the warm heat on my body , my cock in my hand gently driving along , after a couple of miles i am near to the larger parking area , i am looking out for the young farmer , i spot him by the wall , i flash my lights and then raise my arse off the seat and slowly pull up next to him , flashing him my cock . How far have you driven like that he asks , from just after Colne roundabout i reply . What about the roadworks on that road he says , i flashed my naked body at 3 wagon drivers i replied but i couldnt wait to get to you . I got out of the van and jumped over the wall , fucking hell he also was naked , his cock was rigid and his purple bell end was glistening with pre-cum in the sunshine , do you mind if i stick that in my mouth i ask , not at all he replies , but i will be shooting up your arse he says . Kneeling in front of him my tongue laps at his oozing pre-cum , before taking his entire 9 inch down my throat . Oh my god he shouts thats fucking amazing , but i am still going to shoot up your arse . After 10 minutes of sucking he could wait no more , quick he says get your arse round here . I remove his cock from my mouth , fuck his bell end is pulsating in the sunshine , i turn in anticipation , my arse soaked from the car journey and lean against the wall . His fingers probe at my hole and slide in with ease soon to be replaced by his 9 inch cock . His cock head is now at my hole and he gently pushes until it penetrates me . Fucking nice i say , slow strokes until i get used to it , soon he says he has 5 inches in , i am already in pain and sweating like mad but i want it all , Fuck it i say Fuck it good . He ups his strokes and soon all 9 inch are up my hole , i am Fucking loving it now and beg him to go harder and deeper , my own cock is pulsating like fuck and is rock hard , oh fuck i say i think i am going to cum , with that he rams me even faster , my mind is a blur i am fucking loving this , i am well relaxed now and am taking him with ease , harder and faster i say harder and faster till i cum , i look down at my cock and it just explodes , i catch some in my mouth but most of it goes over the wall , are you done he asks , for now i reply , good he say because now i am going to fuck you , with that he slides he cock out of my arse then slides it back in , oh god it feels fucking great , you could hear his bell end plop into my arse and then the feeling as he slid all 9 inch in was fucking stupendous , 10 minutes he fucked me like that , it could have been longer ( the time not his cock ) , i dont know if i passed out or not . Ready for my spunk he said , yes please i replied , soon his hot spunk was dripping out of my hole as he carried on ramming me before his cock softened and slipped out of me . Cigarette i asked , sure he replied , as i strode over to the van for them he shouted NICE ARSE , i laughed and shouted back NICE COCK , we stayed naked while we smoked our cigarette and then said our good-byes until the next week when it all happened again and again for a good few years until eventually one week i turned up and he was not there , who knows what happened to him . Just recently i have been back there and as i passed the larger parking area i noticed a young farmer stood in the field , i pulled in and parked up and pretended that i hadnt seen him , but angled the mirror to keep him in sight , i then proceeded to strip my clothes off and start tossing my cock , in the mirror i could see him watching me , so i opened the door and stepped out , i had my back to him and was loving teasing him . NICE ARSE he said , my heart skipped a beat as i turned around , FOR FUCK SAKE he was stood on the wall bollock naked , proudly waving his 11 inch cock around for all the world to see , i couldnt help thinking as his cock disappeared down my throat if it was MY YOUNG FARMERS son who would soon be fucking me with his 11 inch cock just like his dad all those years ago . I didnt ask i just made sure that i had a good fuck from him that day , it was just as intense if not more intense , i know i fucking loved it. He was just 19 years old and loved fucking my 56 year old arse , I never turned down the older men , i would let them suck or fuck me , or i would suck or fuck them . Some young people on here call the over fifties old perverts but dont forget one day it will be you . I hope you enjoy reading my story i hope to be back soon with another installment of Keighley market toilets.