Written by Dave

17 Apr 2008

I recently wrote a true story about my girlfriend accidently flashing her stocking tops at a wedding reception. The other night I actually got her to do it deliberately. Again a very tame account but it is true.

She agreed to come for a drive down the motorway and I choose her outfit. The underwear was mainly black, with a black lacy bra, satin panties, black seamed stockings and a surprise new suspender belt I\'d bought for her with 8 suspenders straps. Over this was a full length pink nylon slip. To complete the outfit she had her denim skirt with a side flap and white top. Her black shoes had high, thin, heels.

We set off up the motorway and several lorry drivers had a good look as we slowly passed them. At one point her skirt was around her waist and she had her panties off.

We were both horny by now and wanted to go back home. We hadn\'t eaten though, so decided on a Macdonalds as it would be quick. As we entered the drive-in she started to slide her dress down but I raised it up again, exposing her stocking tops amd the clips of the 8 suspenders. Whilst we were giving our order the girl could see in quite clearly. However, when we drove on to collect, I though the young black guy was going to drop our meals.

I then got her to come in the restaurant and eat there. After a couple of minutes the black guy walked into the kitchen and he spotted her straight away. From then on he was popping back every 30 seconds or so! When we got up to leave, she opened and crossed her legs giving him a view of her stocking tops and panties.

When we got in we only made it as far as the hallway and when she opened her legs she admitted that she wouldn\'t have minded if it was the lad from the restaurant who was between them.