Written by pompeyjames

26 Dec 2014

I Live Near Portsmouth in Hampshire and divorced Back in January 2013. Like most guys who get divorced i literally lost everything and it was Time to start again.Housing is the hardest thing and Initially i found Myself as a 42 year old Fella living in the box room of a shared House. The Other Occupants of the House were foreign and Spoke very little English. Fast forward 6 Months and I'd saved the deposit to rent two bed Flat, and advertised for a Flat Mate to cover a Lot of the rent.

out of the six responses the Obvious one was mark. He is at Portsmouth university and it's his parents who would be paying. He was Clearly From a money background and once all was agreed i had a years worth of rent paid up Front. plus a Nice lad. Aged 20 From Cambridge originally.

He moved in on a Thursday...had almost no possessions,..and on that first day Asked about Bringing women Back to the Flat. I hadn't really Thought about it but said sure...no problem...thinking He'd Bring the Occasional student Back.

On the Friday he went out....and three Hours Later was Back with a Fresher...18, slim, Brunette, the Typical student Away From Home for the first Time. Jammy git! Anyway that night i was kept awake by their fucking and my non stop wanking. Saturday morning and she was Gone.

That night was followed by a Repeat performance...this Time with an Oriental Looking beauty From Leeds. Her harsh northern Accent contrasting with Her Looks.

It wasn't a different woman each night but he was Averaging 3 or 4a week.

Approaching Christmas, mark Asked about hosting a little party...to Which i didn't object...on the Condition the Flat was not Trashed, and no drugs. As it was it was a bit of a squeeze...with 28 in the Flat. occasionally students pairing off and Disappearing Into the bathroom or Marks room for sex. My room was out of bounds. At just after Midnight i called it a night and went to bed....Mark had drunk a lot but soon Usual Service was resumed as i Heard the Sound of sex Filling the Flat. Then a Period of silence.

However this Time was different....my door slowly opened and his shag...a local girl not actually at university Climbed in bed Beside me. " Mark's out of it and i need cock". This stuff never happened to me. I'm Guessing she was Around 20. slim waist, Heavy make up, blonde, c cup tits.i didn't need Asking Twice. Feeling down Her body, Her cunt was Soaking. A mixture of Her juice and Mark's cum. I was hard instantly and she just Climbed on.it was Like fucking a porn star. Lord Knows How she never woke mark up. After Riding me she was on Her Knees, Holding Her cheeks apart and i needed no encouragement to slide Into Her arse. I didn't last Long before pumping my cum deep Inside Her Back door. The dirty Bitch then Cleaned my cock before leaving the room. I fell Asleep but was woken soon after my Lips Around my cock....in the Gloom i Recognised instantly this was a different girl. A mixed Race student that I'd Heard mark fucking a few Times before.

I also Knew she Liked to be called names and was Submissive. As Horny as i was i just couldn't Get hard.Instead my 4 fingers slid Effortlessly Into Her cunt. I was fingering Her hard...my Thumb slamming Into Her clit as she came. what happened next was a first...she lifted my legs high in the air...Spat on my arsehole and slipped Two fingers up my bum. initially Uncomfortable i soon relaxed and Her rhythm settled to a Steady Pace. This worked and i was soon fully erect. she released my cock from her Mouth and it was Clear she Wanted it inside her. 15 Seconds Later and i was fucking her hard.it didn't Take Long to empty my Sack up her cunt.

This one didn't Leave, instead just Falling Asleep next to me.

I was woken by the Familiar Sound of mark fucking...but this Time soon added to the noise as i started Loudly fucking the beauty Beside me.

That was a hell of a night and Repeated a few Times early in 2014 as Mark would Host the Occasional gathering at the Flat...but weirdly nothing was said about his cast Off's Coming to me for sex.

At Easter his parents visited for the first Time. They stayed in a Nearby Hotel and visited the Flat. His Father is a great guy and has made his money From a Haulage business. Marks mother was beautiful...Naturally beautiful. they'd Planned an early evening Meal at gunwharf quay..the local place to Socialise...but marks mum said she was feeling washed out and would stay in. So mark and his dad Headed out Whilst i offered to Drop his mum at their Hotel.the short car journey was awkward...an Uncomfortable silence filling the car. You can Guess what happened next and you're right. Walked her Back to her room was Invited in for a nightcap and 20 minutes Later She's full of my cock.sadly I've not had her since However i do get a Steady stream of Mark's cast off's...Usually sloppy seconds. I am staggered that none want to use condoms..it's Always bare Back...and i have Got Myself tested Regularly. Still mark has not Spoken about what's happening Although one of his/ my most Regular ones...a 19 year old black girl at uni, originally From harrow has told me in the new year she wants to Experience 3 cocks at the same Time...including mine and Mark's.....but if it happens I'll post the details here....