Written by JH

14 Jul 2007

I have written here before about my wife who is an airline flight attendent. In the first five years of our marriage we had a fantasy of her getting fucked while on a trip or layover. We finally decided to live out our fantasy and over the course of about four years she got laided six times by four different guys. It was an incredible turn on for both of us. After three kids and twenty plus years of marriage we decided to try to liven up our sex lives by doing it again and this time unlike the first few years we were going to try work it out where I could watch.

We accomplished this about eight months ago in a neighboring town hotel. I wrote about this and for the first time I got to watch and experience sloppy seconds. It was very exciting so we decided to try it again.

This time we went to a bar that had live music and dancing. I believe my wife is quite beautiful in middle age and still turns heads, especially since she has very large tits for her size.This night she dressed in a blouse that buttoned down the front and left the top two buttons undone so as to show quite a bit of cleavage. She also wore a long skirt with no panties.

We sat at the bar and had a couple of drinks and she was getting quite a bit of attention. When I came back from the restroom she was dancing with a 35 to 40 year old gentleman. After the dance she brought him over and introduced him. He hoped that I didn't mind him dancing with my wife and I told him to go right ahead since I was not a great dancer. After several dances I noticed he seemed to have quite a hard on and she seemed to be rubbing against it. They came to the bar for there drinks and we struck up a conversation. He mentioned what an attractive woman my wife was and since it worked before I came right out and asked him if he liked her tits. He seemed a bit shocked but said yes. I then explained our fantasy and told him we could not promise anything but if he was interested he would at least get a great handjob.

We went out the door to our car which we had intentionally parked in a very secluded spot. I told him and my wife to get in the back seat and I got in the front. They started to make out while I watched. He unbuttoned her blouse and bra and started sucking on her tits. She then unzipped him and pulled out his rather large dick. After playing around awhile she told him to pull down his pants so she could get at it better. He did and since I had a pretty good view it looked even bigger. I would say it was about 7 1/2 to 8 inches and pretty fat. She said later she thought it was the largest she has fucked. She sucked on it for a couple of minutes and then asked for the lotion we had brought and begain to jack him off. He continued to suck on her tits and started to play with her pussy. He had easy access under her skirt since she did not have on panties. After about 5 min. he said he was going to cum and shot his cum on her hand and tits. After a few min. of rest she asked him if he could get hard again and asked me if she could fuck him. I told her to go ahead. She started to play with his cock again and it immediately begain to get hard. He is also fingerfucking her pussy. She then tells him to get behind and fuck her. She gets on all fours and he raises her skirt and she takes his large dick and guides it toward her pussy. He then slowly slides his dick in her pussy up to the balls and begains to fuck her with long deliberate strokes. This is her favorite position and she begains to cum. I believe she came twice and after about 20 min. he tensed up and shot his cum deep in her pussy.

After another brief rest I asked him if he would like to watch me fuck my wife if she was up for it. He said yes and we switched seats and I took my cock and slide it in my wife's very sloppy wet pussy. I was so hot I came in about 2 min. We had not noticed but our friend was hard again and jacking off in the front seat. My wife took some of the lotion and finished him off for the third time.

He said it was the most incredible night he has ever had and gave us his phone number in case we wanted to try again and left. All the way home I played with my wife's pussy and she played with my cock making me come while driving. When we reached home we were both so hot we fucked again. This was probably the most exciting sexual adventure of our lives and is going to be hard to top.