Written by Tony_Exeter

20 Feb 2014

this is the follow up to my first post "breakdown leads to mother in law fun" and after the comments I thought that I had better continue.

After our first encounter Sarah had sent me several texts, mostly flirty, how she had enjoyed it and how she wanted to feel my cock in her again. Sarah also sent me a few pics and vids, of her pussy and tits, one video of her using her vibrator bringing herself off.

It was a couple of days before Christmas and as I had the day off Mel, my wife, had asked me to drop off the presents to her parents. Sarah had already mentioned that Dave, her father in law, had work and would be leaving around 8.30 so come around with the presents and as she said "I can check out mine".

I arrived at their house just as Dave was leaving, letting me in he said that Sarah was in the bath but nip the presents up to the spare room. Then he shouted up to Sarah that I was here and he was going. He then left, I waited to hear his van pull away and I nipped upstairs. I could hear Sarah still in the bath so after dropping the presents in the spare room I went up to the bathroom, gently pushed the door open and entered. Sarah looked lovely laid in the bath, bubbles just covering her tits. You took your time she giggled. I sat on the edge of the bath and we chatted whilst she washed herself, paying particular attention to her hairy pussy. I had to have a bath she said, Dave got a bit amorous this morning so had to clean up and then winked. I was sure my mouth dropped open at the thought that earlier Dave had been fucking Sarah and soon here was I about to fuck his wife, my mother in law, Mel's mum.

Anyway I was told to go and warm up the spare bed whilst she dries off and gets ready. Laid naked in the spare bed I could hear Sarah getting ready, drying her hair. some rummaging about in drawers and after about 15 minutes or so I heard Sarah walking towards the spare room. By now my cock was rock hard, anticipating where it would soon be. When Sarah entered the room she was dressed just in a red teddy with pop fasteners at the gusset and hold up stockings. Her dark bush clearly visible, her huge breasts hanging down, the nipples hard. She slipped in beside me and pulled the covers down and went straight down, no messing, sinking her lips around my cock. She spent ages licking up and down the shaft, squeezing my balls, sucking hard on the head. She seemed to be loving sucking my cock. I felt my spunk rising and she must have sensed this and pulled away. Then she tugged the fasteners on her teddy and flipped herself up and over me, lowering her pussy onto my face. Her hairy pussy looked so inviting, wet and open. I proceeded to lick her gash, lapping at her clit. Her vocalisation made it clear she liked what I was doing. I licked her pussy for a good 20 minutes or more before she had a massive orgasm coating my mouth in her juices. She climbed down and onto my cock, guiding it into her. sinking down he fucked me. As another small cum hit her she climbed off, got on all fours and told me to fuck her. Fill her with my cock and not to stop till I had cum. I didn't need telling twice. I positioned myself behind her and entered her. She was like a thing possessed, shouting and moaning, almost screaming. It was as if she was in a constant state of orgasm. I knew I wasn't going to last too long now and I kept thinking how I was going to deposit my sperm in her on top of what may be left of Dave's earlier. As my sperm shot into her she shouted out, yes cum baby, fill my belly. I am sure the neighbours would hear but who cares. I shot what seemed like loads deep into her, it trickled out of her and onto the sheets. After we laid cuddled up for a while before we got in a 69.

I stayed until just after lunch time and we fucked another 3 times. Her pussy was well and truly used and no matter how many times she wiped her pussy there seemed to be spunk leaking out. At one point Dave rang to speak to sarah, she carried on talking whilst she wanked my cock and I fingered her pussy. I heard her say she was just having a quick play as still horny from earlier. If only he knew it was his son in law that was playing with his wife.

Later that day Sarah texted me to say she cant wait till boxing day when we visit as she has a surprise. If you want to know what that surprise was let me know