Written by sexysue

27 Jun 2009

Remember i lent my very sexy work mate my strap on dildo and her husband fucked her all over the house with it,then how we both got turned on when she told me all about it,well yesterday i finally got to make love to her.I`ve just got back from the take that concert in manchester laid in bed with my other half,who can`t leave me alone since i told him about my night away.

My last words when leaving work on thursday was "don`t forget to pack something sexy" she just giggled.My husband fucked me like crazy night, as we fantasied about what i might get up to on my night away with my friend, and he said if the chance came along i was to take it as long as i told him all about it.

We arrived at the hotel had lunch, then decided to do some shopping.We split up and arranged to meet at a coffee bar a little later.About an hour later my phone went "did you pack something sexy" she said because i`ve just got something,i`ll meet back at the room in half a hour,the phone went dead,i couldn`t believe it,she`d made the first move.I hurried back to the room,showered and got changed into a pvc all in one,i had done this sort of thing before but not without my husband being there,i was shaking like a leaf,my phone went "i need to get showered and changed without you seeing me,hide under the bed sheets"

I heard the door click then open,then the bathroom door close and the shower start,then silence.The door opened and out walk the sexiest thing i have ever seen,the one person i had wanted to make love to for years,dressed in matching black bra and suspender set.She looked terrified,now it was my turn to take over "lay on your bed"i said.She has incredibly long legs and a breasts to die for,i climbed on the bed and went to kiss her,she wrapped her long legs round me as we started to grind our bodies into one another.it was truly wonderful.Then i moved down to her pussy,she was so wet and tasted so nice.I knew from previous conversations that she cums normally from oral sex,so i wasn`t going to miss this opportunity and sure enough after only a short time she started to moan and the moaning got louder until she came to a shuddering climax.We spent the next 2 hours or so having fantastic sex.It was just a shame we didn`t pack any toys as i would love to watch her cum on my big black strap on,maybe next time,if there is one.