Written by Woodygirl

18 Oct 2008

Being a country girl I have always loved the sense of freedom when in the country especilly forest and woodland,my first husband and I would often have sex somewhere on our Sunday country walks, but one day things moved on a little to say the least.

It was a warm spring day and we were \'at it\' near the edge of a wood in a field, I was laid out on our coats having lost most of my clothes thanks to my husbands activities, he pulled me so I was sitting while he unfastened my bra and positioned me so I was facing the woods, as per noraml he paid a lot of attention to my breast and then asked me to stand and slowly take my knickers down, this was slightly different from previous times but i thought nothing of it. I was then pulled down onto the ground and we got into our love making, he had parted my legs and was fingering me well so I was at the point where I really really needed it!.

He suddenly stopped and said\' someone is watching us\' he told me to say still while he went to the wood and pretended to have a pee with the idea of finding that person.

After a while he came back and said there was man taking photos of us, he had tried to get the camera off him but failed as the man was much bigger than him, however he had agreed to letting my husband take the film out and spoil all his morning wildlife shots if he could have a long snog with me! I was shocked and a little angry, however when he appeared he was a good looking and charming older man having the appearance of being perhaps an army officer or the like.

I had covered myself up slightly while all this was going on and he made it clear he wanted to feast his eyes on me, at first I stayed wrapped up but after the snogging had started I felt him pulling the clothes off me, I did little to resist, here was a very sexy man!. he took my hands and guided them over his body and after a while onto his bulge which was extensive, I was as horny as hell and unzipped him, he responded by quickly getting his trousers and pants down giving me the chance to feel what he had, I was impressed and it did nothing to stop me getting hornier by the minute, I glanced at my husband who was keeping a lookout for others, he gave the thumbs up sign so when this stranger got on top of me I just let him, as he pushed himself into me he threw his camera to my husband,I can remember experiencing his first few minutes inside of me and noticing my husband taking the film out of the camera at the same time.

He had sex with me using a mixture of being soft and tender with very hard thrusting,afer a while he moved slightly to one side to allow my husband to position his cock near my mouth as he wanted action now. This all went on for what seemed ages, I had cum more or less when I stated sucking my husband and now my new sex partner was close and came while trusting me very roughly.

My husband was straight there and in, with him I came a second time just before him, good job he was quick as i was getting a little tender.

The other man said it had been nice meeting me and off he went, as we were on the way home I was thinking did that really happen and felt a bit like a tart but that soon passed.

He never admitted it but I think my husband had set it up and the guy may have been one of his customers because a few months later he had a large deal on the go and he invited his customer to stay with us, my husband rang to say he would be very late home due to his car breaking down and made it clear that i was the keep his customer happy. Thats another story and so is my present day adventures with my latest husband. xx

If requested I may write about them.