Written by Tony

14 Sep 2019

This is a true story about the first time my wife Helen and I met with another couple.

We had decided to experiment a bit in our sex lives by meeting another couple. We put an advert in a swingers magazine, no Internet forums in those days, and received loads of replies. After sifting through them, we settled on a couple who lived about 25 miles away from us.

A date was arranged to meet at a pub about half way between where we all lived and on the appointed night Helen and I set off. Helen is blonde, quite tall with big tits. She was wearing leggings and a low cut white top.

We arrived at the pub and recognised the couple Tony and Julie, from their photographs. Tony was tall, medium build and looked quite fit. Julie was about the same height as Helen but her boobs were nit as big. She too was wearing a low cut top but had a short skirt on.

We greeted each other with kisses on the cheek and sat down with drinks. Over conversation, it turned out that this was not their first time meeting other people but they put us at ease very quickly. After about 45 minutes, Tony asked us if we wanted to go back to their house we quickly agreed that we wanted to, so we set off following them in our car.

once at theirs, Tony brought us some more drinks and we sat on chairs talking mainly about sex. Julie then asked Helen if she had ever been with another woman which to my surprise, Helen said she had, once many years ago. Julie then lay back in her chair and said to Helen "Come and get me going then"

Helen looked at me, put her drink down and on her hands and knees crawled across the floor to where Julie was.The two girls started kissing and fondling each other and before long both their tops were off. Helen pulled down Juries bra and started kissing her tits and sucking her nipples.Julie lay back and enjoyed the attention. After a while, Helen reached up under Julie's skirt and removed her knickers, she pushed her legs apart and started licking her pussy. This really got Julie going and she was soon gasping with pleasure. Tony and I were paying rapt attention but so far had not joined in.

Julie then sat up, stood up and taking Helen by the hand lead her upstairs to the bedroom.

Tony and I were discussing what we had been watching for about ten minutes when a call came from upstairs. We went to the bottom of the stairs and saw Helen totally nude, standing at the top. "Come on up and join us boys" she said before slipping into the bedroom. Tony and I needed no further encouragement and we ran upstairs. On entering the bedroom we saw both girls lying naked on the bed, they were kissing and fondling each other. We watched for a minute and then Tony indicated to me that I should join Julie on the bed. Tony and I both stripped off and I lay next to Julie and Tony lay next to Helen. The girls turned their attention to us and I began to snog Julie feeling her tits and very wet pussy as I did so. I could hear moans coming from the other two so I could guess what they were up to. Julie had nice tits with big nipples and I sucked them for ages before she pushed my head down towards her pussy so I slid down the bed, parted her legs and began to eat her. Looking up I could see that Helen had Tony's big cock in her mouth and was sucking and licking it.

This seemed to be too much for Tony because he suddenly shouted "I'm cumming" and without pulling out, shot his load into Helen's mouth.

I decided that I wanted a fuck so I found a condom, pulled it on and moving up, slid my very hard cock into Julie's wet pussy.

Helen seeing that I was fucking Julie, sat up and began sucking Julie's tits. Tony who was watching what was going on was already hard again and getting on his knees behind Helen, pushed his cock in to her pussy and began to fuck her very hard.

Julie was moaning and groaning with me fucking her and Helen sucking her and soon came. I fucked her a bit more until I felt myself starting to come Julie felt me about to cum and shouted out"On my tits on my tits" so I pulled out pulled off the condom and shot not only all over her tits but onto Helen's face as well. This seemed to get Tony even more excited as he really began to fuck Helen hard and fast. She was groaning loudly when Tony suddenly said he was going to come. Before he could pull out, Helen pressed herself back into his groin and he shot his load deep inside her pussy. It wasn't until I saw him pull out that I realised that he wasn't wearing a condom.

We all collapsed in a heap on the bed and talked about how good it had been. I asked Helen if she knew that Tony wasn't using a condom and she said that she could feel him in he pussy and wanted the sensation of him spurting inside of her as it turned her on a lot.

Eventually we got dressed and left for home. For some reason that escaped me now, we never met up again.