Written by D

7 Jan 2011

A new year can bring many things, but surely none can surpass the excitement of a foursome (MMFM) with my wife, E, and some great guys. I like to watch her with other guys, and over the last year or so she's got a little more comfortable with playing with them, to the point that she's even been prepared to go all the way if the guy is nice.

So this week we found ourselves back on the south coast at a well-known naturist spa. It was midweek, and the place was quiet; a few couples and maybe half a dozen single guys. E and I hadn't been to a club in a while, and we were really just looking for some relaxed fun.

The venue has appropriate rules that discourage playing other than in the private rest rooms, which far less threatening in the spa. This allowed E to scope out the attendees to see if there were any that she fancied, and on first appearances, she wasn't that excited.

After chilling (or rather steaming and soaking) in the spa, we retired up to the top floor for a rest, before strolling down to the playrooms. Incredibly, they were deserted, with not a single guy or couple in sight.

So we settled in a comfortable room and started to gently stroke each other. Now E *really* likes this, with the two of us lying head to toe, and with me gently stroking the inside of her soft thighs with my fingertips, occasionally straying over the lips of her pussy.

So E was happily, and somewhat dreamily, relaxing to this when a few people began to arrive. We'd left the door to the room open so that people could watch, or possibly even come in to play. At first there was a couple that strolled on by, although the blonde lass seemed interested in E's fine breasts and stiff nipples (it wasn't that warm!)

Then a few guys wandered past, probably having followed the couple with the blonde girl, and one of them stopped to watch. I could see him in the corridor stroking his cock, but he didn't have the courage to come in.

Then a guy did arrive, who I'll call M. He came into the room and stood and watched, before "accidentally" dropping his towel and sitting on the bed a few feet from E. He was clearly entranced by her breasts, and captivated as I gently slid a finger over E's clitoris and then down into her (now wet) pussy.

A little to my surprise, E engaged him in conversation, which he took as a tentatively stroke her left breast. Picking up courage, he did what E most enjoys: he begans his own long flowing strokes across both he breasts, and across her left leg and inner thigh.

E was now getting a great four-handed stroke, which she admits is a real turn-on. And M was smart enough, and respectful enough, to continue with this for a while before moving his hand across and gliding his fingers through her finely trimmed bush and onto her clit.

According to E, M clearly knows how to stroke a woman, because he hit the right spot straight away. With my fingers inside her, and M's working on her clitoris, it was no time at all before E was really starting to enjoy herself.

M slid himself down next to E, so that his face was inches from her pussy, allowing E to take his swelling cock in her hand. As I removed my fingers, he began to work harder, alternating stroking E's clit and sliding a finger or two inside her. I, meanwhile, enjoyed the view and continued stroking across her thighs, which she finds highly stimulating.

They were both clearly reaching a pleasure point where climax was inevitable. E's breath was getting shorter, her moans louder. And then, with a shuddering movement and a cry, the tension was released and she came in that deep, whole body fashion that E gets when the build-up has been long and slow.

This was too much for M, who promptly came to his own climax, liberally spraying his cum over E's flank and flat stomach. Interesting, being the gentleman that he was, he offered his own towel to wipe her down, before saying his goodbyes and leaving us to ourselves.

E, now thoroughly relaxed, wanted a shower (no surprise there), so we headed down to the basement to shower, steam and spend a while in the hot tub. Then it was back upstairs for a cool glass of water. By now it was getting fairly late, given that we had a longish drive to get home, so E was thinking that we might need to consider heading off.

But we decided to head back into the private area for one last time. Again, it was pretty deserted, with one room closed (and clearly some fun action inside), and a single guy loitering in another. So we headed on back to the largest open play room, and settled down at the end to play.

Again, we lay side-by-side, with me gently stroking E's stomach, thighs and breasts, feeling her nipples stiffen and the first touches of moistness and warmth building in her pussy. A gentle tongue lashing of her right nipple, perky and round, brought it to attention.

Then the guys began to arrive. The first, a young and fairly fit lad with a decent sized cock, immediately climbed onto the bed a couple across from E, and started wanking vigorously. As E later described it, he started whacking his cock as if to say "look at how big I am." Needless to say, she wasn't impressed and didn't invite him to join, so after a while he had enough and disappeared off.

Then a couple more guys arrived, and both of them stood quietly by and just watched. The first of them (let's call him A) was tall, dark haired and looked reasonably fit; the second (let's call him S) was thin but fit.

As I continued to stroke E, working my tongue over her breast, she invited A to join us. A was also a smart guy, realising that gentleness was the way to E's heart. He too began long, slow, fingertip strokes over her body, before copying me and taking her other nipple in his mouth.

This "two breast" approach, with A and I alternately stroking across her clit or sliding a finger inside her, was clearly fantastic for E. Her face was one of intensifying rapture, and her breath was getting really short. I glanced across and saw that A had removed his towel, and would definitely be considered as well endowed. Not necessarily massively long, but above average; but he was thick and very stiff.

So where was S while this was going on? He'd moved into the room and had positioned himself with his back to the wall, but directly down from E's open legs, as he watched A and I fingering her.

I glanced down and caught his eye, and gave him the nod to join us without E knowing.

But she soon did, as S moved forward, bent down and ran his tongue over her bulging clitoris. I could feel the shock as E tensed, not expecting a third guy to join us, as we'd only ever played with threesomes.

But the sheer pleasure of a guy on each breast, plus a third with his fingers inside her whilst he was tonguing her were too much. She quickly came, again a full body explosion accompanied with deep gasping and cries of "Oh, yeah" and "more", which is not something that she usually does.

At this point A was clearly feeling extremely horny, and he moved his mouth up from her breast and onto her neck, kissing and licking it as E stretched out in continuing pleasure. I could tell that he wanted to be inside her (and which guy wouldn't - she's got a great body!), so I slipped my hand over to our small bag of supplies. And that's no mean feat when you've got a face full of fine breast and your mouth is closed round a taught nipple.

I pulled out a condom, and moved my mouth up to E's right ear. "Do you fancy taking him inside you?", I asked E.

Now E still has a certain shyness about going all the way with other guys. I think that she really likes it, but doesn't want to say so in case she hurts my feelings. But I could tell by the way that she was pushing her hips towards A, enjoying the feel of his cock on her leg and flank, that she wanted him.

"Yes," she whispered.

So I looked up at A and simply handed him the condom. He got the message, opened the packet and slid it on expertly. As E moved her hips across to position herself under A, S moved round to the side.

A hoisted himself up and over, his bulging cock hanging down over E. With a gentle thrust of his hips, he drove deep inside her. Bracing himself in a push-up position, he allowed S and I to watch as he thrust rythmically into E, who had opened her legs as wide as she could to stretch her pussy open so that she could accommodate his width.

It was clearly a fantastic fuck for her. A was delivering strong, long, powerful thrusts. And as E described it later when I asked her to tell me how it actually felt, she said that it was "big and solid", before a wistful smile came to her face.

As A continued to power into her, S and I resumed stroking her breasts, with me eagerly watching her face as the pleasure washed over her, or E lifting and opening her hips to accept his thrusts.

And then it started to get too much for A. His pace increased (but the tenderness of his thrusting remained). He lowered himself down onto E, clasping her in his arms, as he brought her to a massive and lingering orgasm, that continued until he himself came deep inside her.

As E tenderly stroked his back and head, he lay with his pulsing cock inside her for a good minute or so until he could find the strength to withdraw. Clearly depleted, he kissed E a couple of times, thanked the both of us before wrapping his towel around his waist and departing.

S was still there, but E had clearly had her fill. The sheer power of her climaxes had left her with no desire to continue, so much to S's disappointment, we made our goodbyes and left for a long shower downstairs.

Fifteen minutes later, and in the comfort of the car, E described the intensity of the experiences, especially with her first exposure to the pleasures that three guys can offer a single woman.

Needless to say, during the long drive home, I couldn't keep my hands off her. But we just about made it home before I took my pleasure, whipping off her remaining clothes and spreading her gently on her back on the kitchen table.

I'm no match for A in width, but after twenty-something years of marriage, I know how to make E come. With all the excitement of the evening, she needed (and got) a very slow fuck. Which left her once and finally exhausted and unable to move from the table, as I set about making a late supper.