2 Jun 2011

It was Wednesday morning the weather forecast said sunny with showers Jane said its no good walking all that way on the beach from the car park if we are going to get wet there's no were to shelter.

You don't want to go do you i said i do Jane said but its when they wont leave us alone if we meet any body it would have turned out a free for all the other day i don't want that i agreed with her. Let get one of those cheep igloo tents we have seen then if it rain go in there ok Jane said so we got one some drinks and off we went It was over cast and dull we walked on the beach not many people about but one or two tents like ours we walked past one and the girl was topless sat in it the lad was standing by the side with nothing on he said hi we spoke back and got into a bit of a conversation with him.

He said they were regulars on the beach come nearly every week i told him it was our second time i did not think i had seen you before he said we said see you later and walked off a few yards and put our tent up.

The sun had come out and it was quiet hot so we stripped of Jane lying on the towels in the sun her pussy on view for any body that walked past i walked to the sea a bloke came walking past Jane with a dog slowed down and got a good look at Jane did the same with the other couple he spoke to them and looked back at Jane.

By now there were a few more people on the beach most males just the odd couple i walked back to Jane and i could tell she was aroused her pussy lips were glistening with fanny juice I sat down beside her she sat up did you see the man with the dog yes said he look straight at my pussy and licked his lips.

I Pushed a finger in Jane's pussy it went in easy i found her clit it did not take much finding and started to rub it she was sat smiling i could tell by her lips that was twitching she was going to cum.

She said stop there's a young guy not far behind you i moved my hand away he walked up to us and said hello and started talking to us he told us he was from Selby came on the beach often we got talking back to him is cock was almost level with our heads.

He was looking down at James i boobs and her bald pussy i had a hard on my self his cock was nearly touching his belly button we were all trying to talk but it was so hard to find things to say it started to cloud over.

Jane said it was getting cold and went into the tent would you like him to fuck you Jane if he wants too would you like to fuck my wife i asked him he got into the tent got between Jane's legs and with on thrust he was all the way up her it did not take him long to cum 30 seconds if that he pulled out i could see spunk running out of Jane's pussy he got out of the tent said good bye and went.

I Got in between Jane's legs it did not take me long before i had add my cum to his i got out of the tent and he was talking to the couple he waved to me i waved back then the girls head came out and started to suck his cock in full view for us to see it was so horny there was nobody about only us five it had started to ran Jane said she needed to cum i got back in the tent and started to lick her pussy the cum was still leaking

out She pushed my head away i thought she was going to finish her self off with her fingers no the other guy had come over to us he had a very big cock i new Jane was going to have it i got out of the tent so he could get in and he started to fuck her on her back then he got her on her knees he fucked her for ages there was sweat pouring of her forehead she was getting well and truly fucked he pulled out and came all over her back put it back in and carried on fucking her she was flat on her stomach he got hold of an ankle in each hand pulled her up to him and entered her again must have been fucking her for a good quarter of an hour be for he came again.

He got out of the tent and said did she enjoy it o yes i said i will see how he is going on with my wife if she wants it again call me over or come over to us Jane was lying there her pussy swollen and battered and all red that was good fucking good.

His wife came over to our tent she was not that nice when i had a good look at her she wanted Jane to go to there tent and she stayed with me i said we had to go we were meeting friends my be next time