Written by nick

1 Mar 2018

nicola,my wife let slip while we were shagging how she fancied the barman,in our local pub,so i told her flirt with him friday night. so friday came and i suggested,i leave her in the lounge while i went in the bar to watch the rugby.at half time i took a drink to her ,and she said the barman,sam,had been chatting her up and gave her a few drinks.after the match had ended i joined her in the lounge, and she reminded how much she fancied sam, leave it to me i said. the following evening i new sam finished his shift at six, so next day i went to the pub early and asked sam if he fancied a drink after his shift ,he said yes and even got the drinks in,we got a table in the bar and watched the football .i thought what the hell and just asked him if he liked chatting to nicola the previous night,he said he enjoyed her company add i was a lucky guy to have such a lovely wife,so i asked if he fancied a drink at our house after the match,yes he said, so i called nicola and told her to get her selfe ready,ten minutes my phone rangland she asked if sam could come on his own,please please she said, i jokinly told sam what she said , he smiled and said free beer for a week so off he went, two hours later nicola rang and told me to come home now,after a five minute walk i arrived home to find nicola in just stockings and susspenders, i said have you had a good time,not finished yet she said and took me into the bedroom,to my suprise sam was still there,she climed on top of him and rode him and told me to join them for another hour we fucked her senseless,and she sucked us both till we filled her mouth, and on top of this free beer for a week, cant wait till next week,