Written by nick

28 Mar 2018

hi,nick here to let you know how its going with nicola my wife,and sam and jack the barmen at our local pub near cardiff.as usual last sunday nicola was being well fucked by the two of them at our house while i was at the pub, at about 2-30 nicola called me to ask if i was interested in joining them, of course i was up for it and got home 15 minutes later,they were in full swing as i walked into the lounge with nicola bent over the sofa sucking sam who was laying out on the sofa,with jack fucking her from behind,it was plain to see that both guys were about to cum so i just sat and watched till sam grunted and pulled out of nicolas mouth and shot his load in to her face and she licked it as it ran down to her mouth,minutes later jack withdrew and came over her arse and used it to lube her bum as he fingered it,i was sat down watching and then told to get naked by nicola,as i went to join them i was told by nicola just sit and watch,now sam was rock hard again and ready to carry on while jack had a break ,sat on the sofa sam positioned nicola on his lap facing me and lowered her arse down on his solid cock,she moaned with pleasure as she slowly took his full length inch by inch,soon she was taking it at full speed as he pounded her .when jack was ready to go again he stood in front of nicola and she took his cock to her mouth and sucked him slowly, by now i was rampant and wanted my turn i got out of the chair and went to join in. no chance said nicola,just sit and watch and wank,it tokk only minutes for me to wank off and cum over my belly,then i was told to get dressed and go back too the pub and have a large glass of wine waiting for her, it was another hour before she returned and was telling me both guys had fucked her again after i had left,that made 3 times each,6 good fuckings in one afternoon but there was still some left for me,my hand went straight up her dress and i stroked her through her knickers as she just smiled at me and said thanks for the afternoon,