Written by dinky

26 Mar 2012

one bank holiday me and my wife had been out at a cabaret venue in dublin with friends.A great night was had and a few drinks consumed.One of our friends a couple in their 60s {61& she 60} but look very good for their age drove me and another couple home. As we were leaving the venue i was last to get into the back of the car, and on doing so was informed by my mates wife that it was a bit squashed in the back and she would have to sit on my lap.

My wife left a few minutes earlier with her sister to let the baby sitter go, oh and by the way i am fifty two, so in i got to the back seat and then she stepped in and sat on my lap.She was wearing a figure hugging dress with a split up the back and a trench mac which came to below the knees. Previously in the night i had taken her up on the dance floor for a slow dance and during the dance an a packed dance floor i had my hand on her lower waist and could tell she was wearing a thong,i had also placed my leg between hers and she could feel my throbbing manhood against her thigh which she seemed to quite like .

They have no biological kids due to his low sperm count and they no longer make love and have'nt for some time.Anyway back to the car as her husband drove off i placed my hand under her coat and could tell the dress had ridden up to the top of her thighs she never even flinched at this so i moved my hand over the top of her thigh to where her wet pussey was and proceeded to move her wet thong to one side i slid two fingers into her pussey as her breathing deepened.I had opened my fly just before she got into the car while no one was looking, i asked her to move creating a diversion saying my leg was numb as she moved slightly i took out my now throbbing penis from under her coat where no one could see.She sat back down and could immediatley feel my penis against her pussy with my hand i just pushed it into her pussey as she gasped disguised as a cough i left it there for 15mins as the motion of the car was just great until i reached my destination. I got out and she kissed me on the cheek whispering see you soon.