Written by Alan B

7 Mar 2017

Hi. I'm Alan and I want to share my story about my wife N. For clear reasons I won't mention real names just in case.

I'm 52 and married to N who is 25. I've had all the comments about age differences so feel free but we have a wonderful marriage. N is just over 5'5", she has ginger hair and is covered in freckles. I'm very lucky to have such a sexy wife, she's pretty, slim with small firm breasts.

I'd describe N as a free spirit. To look at her you would think she is from the 60's flower power era. Her style is very much cool hippy if you know what I mean.

Our sex life is amazing, she gets stressed if we don't fuck at least 3 or 4 times a week but a few weeks ago she confessed that she had wondered what it would be like having sex with someone else. You see, I was her first and I think she feels she missed out.

We had a very adult conversation and although having sex with someone else isn't my thing in the end we agreed that our relationship was strong enough to deal with her having a 'fuck buddy' to get this out of her system. What I wasn't expecting is for him to be so close to home.

'Barry' ( not real name) lives next door, he's 55 and not exactly good looking, plus he could so with losing a few stone but N confided in me that she would like my permission to instigate a relationship with him. I explained that I did't think he was right for her and that him living next door could be awkward, plus his wife would never agree to it. She's the same age as him, a little over weight with huge breasts to match. She is quite pretty I guess but very prim and proper so wouldn't be into anything 'strange'. N agreed to be careful and promised to be careful telling me how much she loved me.

It all seemed to go quiet until I came home and N was a bit flustered. She admitted that she had been next door and Barry had taken her on the floor of the living room. We had a long chat about it and she told me how he likes being rough, how he takes her breast fully into his mouth and sucks hard plus he has a very large cock which fills her pussy. She was so exited telling me how his tongue fills her pussy and how he made her cum.

I asked if he had cum inside her but she promised that she made him cum over her breasts not inside her.

For a few weeks N would pay a visit next door then come back and we would talk about it and then fuck but one day I cam back early and heard noises coming from our bedroom. I walked up and saw N naked on her back with Barry's fat naked arse bobbing up and down, her legs wrapped round his backside as he thrust his cock into my wife.

The two of them so engrossed in fucking they didn't notice me. Although I new it was going on I was gutted listening to my wife groan and squeal begging him to keep going, watching him stick his tongue in her mouth and grab her tiny tits and squeeze then hard, her small hard red nipples between his fingers.

I must have come in towards the end becouse he groaned that he was cumming and she told him to come out and he did. His took his cock and shot cum over her tits and mouth. She scooped it up and licked her hand which was full of his cum. I crept downstairs but could hear her telling him how amazing it was. I was devastated so left the house for a walk.

When I came back I told her what I had seen and asked why they had fucked in our bed, she explained that he was expecting visitors so didn't want to risk getting caught. I think that was an excuse becouse for the next few weeks I had to put up with sitting in one room whilst Barry bent my wife over a chair and fucked her doggy style in another or listen to her ride him on the floor screaming how amazing it was. It went from him cumming on her chest to her face then into her mouth and after a while he would just come inside her pussy. I didn't say anything becouse she would beg him too groaning 'please cum inside me' 'fill me with cum you fucking bastard'.

But there is a major twist to my story. I asked N to calm it down with him and warned her about his wife finding out but she told me that she though she already new. I asked how and she just shrugged her shoulders.

It went quiet for a little while until I came home and heard the same sounds coming from our bedroom. I decided enough was enough, N was begging for more groaning 'fuck me hard' and 'put your hand in'. I went upstairs to ask them to stop becouse enough was enough but it wasn't him onto of my wife it was her !

I shit you not, I was met with his naked wife grinding her pussy into my wife's with one hand squeezing N's tits. Then moving back and most of her other hand disappearing into my wife's pussy .

N looked at me but her eyes just rolled into the back of her head before grabbing on of this over weight woman's tits and sucking on it as this woman and her other huge swinging tit fucked my wife. I watched long enough to get a hard on and see her collapse on top of N during what was, from the sound of it, a deep orgasm.

It turns out that that the three of them had been having threesomes from the beginning and that for the last three weeks N had freely let him fill her with his cum.

I have had the offer to fuck his wife but have passed on that one. Now its almost as though they own my wife, he even joked that I should check with them before I fuck her.

The new thing is that they wan't to invite someone else to get involved. N tells me that it doesn't change how she feel s for me but that she just loved the fun. We had a heart to heart and we agreed that she would continue to enjoy her experience for a little while longer.