20 May 2019

Eileen had got ready to go out with her friends from work the go out once a month have pre drinks in one of there homes and then head into town. Eileen had a low cut top on with a knee length skirt stocking high heels and white bra and matching knickers. She told me about when she got home about four in the morning she said they al had a great night but hers was even better I said O yes tell me more which she did not got me rock hard. She said her and two of her friends got a taxi she got in the front because she would of been the last to get out,she told me she take her shoes of before she got into the taxi because her feet was hurting and on top of this it started to rain. So the taxi move of and Eileen was saying to the taxi man that her feet was hurting her he told her to swing round and put them across her legs and he would rub the which he did. She said it felt really nice and she was starting to get turned on so she opened her leg and bend her left knee up a little and then let her skirt rid up a little as well. The first of her friends got out of the taxi and the taxi started of again. Eileen said she could feel the taxi mans cock with her foot and she was gently rubbing it with her right foot, at this his hand started to go up her skirt and started to rub her pussy outside her knickers she said it was great and she was bucking on to his fingers. Her second friend got out and she said it all started. He drove her to a local park for dogging people about 12 miles from we live on the way up the motorway his fingers went inside her knickers and he was fingering her pussy and she was rubbing by know hard cock with her foot. When they got to the park they both got into the back of the car right away he had his hard cock out and Eileen went down on him she said she licked it al over and sucked his balls before putting the head of his cock in her mouth she said she knew he was going to cum but just sucked harder then she said she got a mouthful he came in her mouth and she took it al down her throat. He then turned her around and kneeled her up on the back seat pulled her skirt up and pulled the knickers of one of her legs she said she turned her head and a man was standing outside the car wanking himself of this did not bother her because she has done it loads of times with me. She said she felt the taxi mans still hard dick on her bum and he was pulling her tits she put her hand round and got hold of his dick and eased it into her pussy she said he started of slow and then fast and even faster she bucked back on him and then they both came together she said his spunk went right up her when they got out of the car to get into the front the guy walking was still there and he was still wanking she went of went down on him and sucked his cock till he came in her mouth I was rock hard at hearing this so I pulled Eileen on top of me and put my rock hard cock inside her and filled her pussy full of more hot spunk.