Written by Princess

28 Dec 2010

I was running late to get home so i could get ready for the christmas party, i called a taxi. As i opened the back door to put my bags in i could smell his aftershave. I got in and sat next to him, we looked at eachother and realised we had met a few yrs ago on a sex web site, we just laughed...He drove me home as we chatted all the good sex came back to me, he placed his hand on my knee as we lstened to the radio. I could feel my nipples getting hard and my knickers getting moist. I asked if he could pick me back up in a cpl of hrs to take me to the party. as he dropped me home he said he couldnt charge me and when he picked me up he would like a milk coffee.

So as i got ready i shaved my pussy nice and smooth, i covered my self in baby oil and but on my blk stckings and thong, my new bra made my boobs look so big....i lay back on the bed and teased my clit with my vibrator...god i was going to come, the door bell went so i pulled on my dressing gown and he walked in. He sat in th living room, as i went in the kitchen to make him coffee he came in behind me...kissed my neck which he remembered really got me going, i could feel his hard cock growning on my bk...he slipped his hand in my bra and pulled hard on my nipple making me moan slightly...i was standing there feeling so horny.

He then turned me round and we went in the the lounge, sat side my side he slipped my dressing gown off and pulled both my boobs out, sank his mouth round one nipple and pulled on the other. god i wa so wet, i pulled at his trousers, undid his belf and put my hand in to find he had pre-cum on the tip of his cock...we looked at eachother and laughed, we went to the bedroom where he pushed me on the bed and pulled my thong to one side, his trousers were off and he fingered my moist pussy then i sucked his cock deep and hard..he was moanng i could tatse his cum...licking my lips i looked at him as he pushed my legs up in the air and pushed the tip of his cock in my wet pussy, he pushed it deep and had...fucked me hard until we both cum loads...like a good girl i licked him clean before we got dressed and left...

Hes now my regular taxi driver and calls round early morning and on his way home when my husband is at work..