Written by CJ

14 Jan 2019

University was a fun time for me. I was in my late teens and full of excitment and enthusiasm for life and experiences. I made a lot of friends, and had a lot of fun. I am a big guy, 6ft 4, rugby build - no six pack, but very broad shoulders. I studied science at Glasgow Uni, and the course was filled with girls. I never set out to fuck everyone around me, just to have fun and see where things went.

A few of the girls closest to me were Heather, Kirsty, Debs and Leah. None of these girls were the "knock out" porn star look alikes...they were simply pretty young girls and I was a strapping big guy. We would often go to the Queen Margaret Union on a Tue and drink and have fun , working up hangovers for the next day. Gradually, as we became more close, various girls would chat to me about likes, dislikes etc. Drink made all of us bold. The most forward of the bunch was Heather.

Heather was around size 14, great boobs, bottle blond hair and a fringe. She freely admitted that she "loved to fuck". There was always sexual tension between us, and she would often tell me about the bar men she fucked, or the guy she sucked. I loved to hear the stories. I told her I didn't kiss and truth be told, I had a few decent sexual experiences before uni so I wasn't wet behind the ears. The girls called her "bucket fanny" ..I found this hysterical at the time.

One particular night, it was just me and Heather, the others had all sorts on , clubs etc. We went to the QMU and drank and chatted. I told her I knew she would dissappear shortly to get herself some cock, and she and I drunkenly started to discuss what she was after. Turns out she was submissive, and loved guys just going for it. I had never experienced this as a sexual preference, understanding that in the heat of the moment it could happen. She delighted in telling me a couple of occasions where I had been present ( at house parties) where she had fucked guys in the toilet / bedroom / kitchen just because they took charge.

I loved this. I was sitting there, alcohol buzz, music thrumming loudly , talking into each others ear to be heard over the music. I told her I never knew she was so slutty, and asked if the other girls know? She said yeah, they loved the scandal. I joked and said "all this time I have been looking in the wrong place for somewhere to take my frustrations out ". She leaned in, nibbled my ear and said "now ya know", with a wink. She went off to get more drinks and I sat there hard and buzzing.

I really didn't want to ruin our friendship, but I was 19 and very very horny. I got myself under control and walked up to the crowd at the bar and slotted in behind Heather. She looked round, smiled and pointed at the bar. I leaned down and said into her ear "it's gonna be fun walk home", to which she immediately turned and grinned at me.

The sexual tension from then on was unbelieveable, we didn't last another two drinks before she said "home time! " with a grin. We started walking the route home but the first dark alley we saw, I pulled her into it and pushed her gently, but firmly against the wall. Drunk, horny and feeling powerful, I ordered her to show me how good she is at sucking cock. She dropped to a crouch, and fished my cock out of my jeans. I don't think I have ever been harder. I am no porn star, but my cock is very thick, if about average length (6 inches or so). Her oral assault on my cock was sublime. I stood facing the wall, her squatted below me and I used one hand to balance, and one to hold her head and feed more cock in her mouth. I felt my balls tighten, and she went into overdrive, sucking, slurping, wanking and milking my cock...her other hand was in her knickers and she and I came together....she swallowed the lot.

I helped Heather stand up..gently leaned her against the wall and took the hand that she had had in her knickers....raised it to my mouth, and sucked her fingers. They tasted and smelled of her musky sex, and my cock throbbed and grew from its semi flaccid state. Heather groaned and told me my cock tasted great, then got herself presentable, as did it.

We walked along, buzzing from the sexual high. We talked with the enthusiasm and hushed tones of ones up to no good. I asked her if she came, and she said yes. Turns out Heather loves sex because she is multi-orgasmic, and can "cum from a flick of the clit" ( in her own poetic words). I asked her how it had taken me this long to figure out she was game for this kinda fun, and she laughed and said that the girls all talked about how oblivious I was to them and flirting etc. Turns out I had been a typical guy.

By this point, I was not willing to let the the drink wear off and the night finish without finding out just how much of a slut my friend was...and when we approached another ideal spot, I kissed her, picked her up and carried her down a dark alley in a residental bit. She responded immediately, kissing me so hard and deep my cock tingled. I put her down, turned her round and pushed her gently aginst the wall.....she understrood and bend at the waist. I pulled up her skirt, freed my cock and pulled her knickers off, down her legs. It was too dark to make anything out - not the colour of the knickers or anything, but I could feel the heat from her pussy....I rubbed the tip up and down her hairy lips and my hand , gripped around my shaft, quickly became slick. With one push, I slid into her, marvelling at how easilyu she took me. She of course, came....head dipped, breathing deep and hissed through teeth. I grabbed her hips and went caveman. I used her how she wanted to be used. I took 3 weeks of exam stress, sexual frustration and general worries out on her willing pussy. I came so fucking hard, and buried my cock so deep in her that she went weak at the knees and we both nearly collapsed. She straightened, and i was still in her, throbbing. I fucked her gently until my cock softened and flopped out, and she pulled up her knickers.

Heather turned, breathless and patted me with her full hand on the chest , simply saying "that's it". We both grinned, then laughed. I walked her back to her flat, more sexual chat. Turns out she was on the pill so me getting carried away was ok, but better to blow over her in the future . I asked if this was a drunk only thing, and she said her fantasy about this is "anytime". She asked if I liked anything in particular - I said stockings, girl-girl stuff etc. The usual. She laughed and said all guys say "girl girl". She was more into two guys that a 3some with a girl. We said goodnight and I went home to welcome my hangover into the world.