Written by Genevieve

24 Dec 2016

My friend Becky and I decided we both needed a week away to forget our man problems. She had split from her partner who she reckoned was the world's most boring man. My partner had dumped me when he found out I was shagging a work colleague on the side. Becky joked that she was not getting enough and I was getting too much.

We looked on the internet and booked a charming holiday cottage in northern France , under an hour from Calais, so an easy drive. The owner was very helpful, sent us a list of good local restaurants and places to visit . Things started to go wrong on our way to the channel tunnel, an accident on the M25 and then technical problems at the tunnel. We were scheduled to get to the cottage about 5pm but because of the delays it was 9pm when we arrived. We had planned on doing our grocery shopping when we were close to the cottage , but the shops were already shut. I had sent a text to the owner to warn him of our late arrival .

When we got to the cottage the owner was there waiting. He showed us in, and asked if we had brought food for the evening as it was probably too late to go to a restaurant. I explained why we had not, so he kindly invited us to eat with him. He pointed to the next house down the lane, said that was his and that we should come in 30 minutes for steak and salad. We put our luggage in the cottage , tickled up the make-up and walked the short distance.

The owner , Michael , was quite a good looker, a bit artistic in dress sense, suntanned and very charming and friendly. He greeted us with a glass of very nice wine , then served us a delicious steak dinner. At about 11.30pm Becky said she was tired and needed to sleep, and we were both a little tipsy from the wine. It was very dark outside, no streetlights, no moon, so Michael got a torch and said he would walk us back to the cottage . Becky said goodnight and went indoors first. For some inexplicable reason, perhaps the wine, I turned to Michael and kissed him full on the lips. He did not pull away, quite the contrary he kissed me back. I said goodnight , went in and closed the door behind me.

The next day, Sunday, Becky and I had made a reservation for lunch at one of the recommended restaurants. In the morning I saw Michael working in the garden. I went to thank him for the dinner , he kindly offered to drive us to and from our lunch restaurant so that we could both have a drink. It was agreed that I should send him a text when we were finished lunch and he would come and get us.

The meal was wonderful, we were both again a little tipsy , when Michael collected us. Back at the cottage Becky said she was going to have a nap to sleep off the booze. I was not tired so decided to go for a stroll around the village. Michael was working in the garden again , and I got chatting to him. Chatting led to joking, then to kissing and next thing I was pushing him into his house and undoing the belt of his trousers . He led me upstairs into his bedroom, undressed me , and then himself.

I am a lady who likes foreplay . from my experience there are three types of men, those who go straight for inserting their cock, those who lick a little to get the pussy wet before cock insertion , and those who take enough time to make the lady orgasm first. I like the latter , and Michael was just as I like . He licked and fingered me to a climax , then gently pushed his erection into my wet and willing pussy. He kissed me lovingly and passionately while thrusting slowly into me. I do not often have more than one orgasm but he was bringing me up to my second. It was a biggie , made even better by the feeling of his cock pumping hot spunk inside me.

After a minute or two he rolled off me and started to play his fingers in my pussy, rubbing his cum over my clit. He had my nipple between his teeth which I adore. His fingers were rubbing softly from my anus to my clit , my two most sensitive spots. Orgasm three quickly followed.

I told him I need a pause to cool down. He said he would go downstairs and get us a cup of tea, to drink in bed, and that he was not finished with me yet . The devilish grin on his face , and the throbbing feeling in my pussy , made me think yes please.

He put on only his shirt , not buttoned up, I could see his bits . Nice , even though limp.

I thought I could hear voices downstairs, so crept to the top of the stairs to listen. No mistake, I could hear Becky's voice , saying sorry, excuse me , I'll go. I went back into the bedroom and looked out the window, there was Becky looking up at me, laughing and making a ' thumbs up ' sign to me.

I heard Michael coming up so got back onto the bed. In he came holding a mug of tea in each hand, smiling broadly. He told me that Becky had come in without knocking , to ask if he knew where I was . He could hardly lie and say no, not with two mugs of tea, and his cock in full view . Becky had quickly cottoned on , said she would see me later .

There was no point in being embarrassed , and no point in rushing back. We drank the tea and then got back to the reason we were there . Michael suggested a 69 , something I am always up for. I love the taste of a cock that tastes of me . He was the first man who ever rimmed me, an amazing sensation. Another hour passed quickly. By the time I thought I should go back to the cottage I was satiated and a little sore.

When I got back to the cottage Becky was watching TV . She turned it off, poured me a glass of wine , and said I had to tell her what happened, all the details . Us ladies do like to disclose our secrets, and telling her made me want to do it again. Later I went to have a bath, and could not resist rubbing myself off again. I did not forget to run a razor over my pubes, ready for tomorrow, just in case.