Written by Jeff

21 Oct 2009

It was unbelievable the change that had come over Jo and the sex devil that had been unleashed. At home she'd wear jeans or a normal skirt at work and flirt with the customers and you might catch a quick look down her blouse. Now she was totally uninhibited and whenever we went out she'd wear skirts so short they only just covered her pussy, loose tops which showed her tits and hadn't worn bra or panties since arriving. Previously the thought of anyone seeing her naked had horrified her, but now she was exposing her body in crowded public places and had been fucked whilst being watched. She had become adept at making exposing her self seem accidental and loved the looks when she did. She said having men looking at her exposed body and obviously wanting to fuck her made her horny that it had made her more confident and daring knowing that, although she was 40, they found her attractive adding " I suppose this proves the saying Life begins at 40!"

Being miles from home,where no one knew her she wanted as much sex as possible. So far she had been fucked by Pierre, Jean, Hago, 3 or 4 men at the club and the stranger at the castle as well as having her pussy licked to orgasm by Caroline, an experience she hoped to repeat.

We decided to revisit the nude beach, hoping we might see Hago and Caroline or find another like minded couple. On arrival we could not see their car and went for a quick swim before making our way to the spot in the dunes. This time it was deserted so we lay our towels in the dip. We were both feeling randy and as we lay back Jo opened her legs and rubbed her clit with her fingers and stroked by prick to erection before moving her head down and taking me in her mouth with me slipping a couple of fingers in to her cunt. She was starting to get very wet so rolled on top and straddled me moving her hips so the tip of my prick was rubbing her erect clit which was so sensitive she came almost immediately. She then sank down, my prick penetrating deep inside her. She was now sitting up, stroking and squeezing her tits, with the top half of her body visible to a few people on the beach who could have been in no doubt that she was being fucked. As they watched she steadily picked up speed as another climax approached and fell forward as she came for the second time gripping my cock tight with her cunt as released my cum inside her.

We lay there for a while as my prick softened inside her the she rolled off and we sat up. She said she wanted to go onto the beach and pointed out a couple who had been watching and suggested we sit near them. They were lieing on their sides facing each other with a wind break behind them. We strolled towards them and lay on the sand about 30 feet away. The woman had her back to us with her legs slightly parted and we could see the mans fingers slipping in and out of her pussy, whilst her arm was moving between them. Jo was sitting where the man could see her and pouring sun oil onto her hand spread it over her body paying attention to her tits and rolling her nipples between her fingers. She then lay back slightly on one elbow and parted her legs exposing her open cunt and with her other hand reached between giving a little gasp as she touched her clit. She could feel my cum leaking out and as he watched pulled her hand away with a string of cum attached, moved her hand to her mouth and licked her sticky fingers. The woman must have realised that something was going on and suddenly stopped what she was doing, clamped her legs together and turned to look at us. Turning back to her man a whispered conversation ensued which ended with her standing up, exposing a very wet open pussy, as she did so and walking, off leaving the man to pack up before following giving us a rueful smile and a shrug as he did so. "Shame, he had a nice looking cock, but I suppose you can't win'em all" said Jo. We stayed on the beach for about another hour before returning to the cottage.

After the disappointment on the beach Jo was feeling frustrated and as I sat by the pool she went to fetch her "Toy Bag". She lay back on a lounger and produced two little vibrators, one on her finger and a silver bullet type. She used one on her nipples, moving in little circles and held the other against her clit slowly moving it. She was soon moving her body against it saying "I'm coming, I'm coming, that's so good" as she did.

Neither of us could be bothered to cook so decided to return to the restaurant we'd visited on the first night. We showered and dressed, Jo putting on a dress she'd purchased on one of our trips. It was red, halter necked with strips of material which covered her nipples but left the sides of her tits uncovered. The skirt part was a little longer than some she'd worn but had 4 buttons down the front.

The restaurant was quiet now the holiday season had almost ended and we were greeted by an elegant woman of about 45 who escorted us to the bar saying she would have a table prepared in about 20 minutes. There were about 9 or 10 men in the bar drinking and we could see perhaps half a dozen people in the restaurant. I said to Jo "Go to the loo and come back with the lower buttons of your dress undone". She was gone about 3 minutes before re-entering the bar, from the door behind me and walked confidently towards me. As I watched in the wall mirror, she was exposing her shaved pussy with each step. The room had gone very quiet but she pretended not to notice anything amiss and at the bar turned to face the room as I handed her a drink. She must have stood there for at least 10 minutes chatting and sipping her drink whilst the men tried not to stare at her cunt which was fully uncovered. We were then shown to a table and our orders taken by the woman who had greeted us who did not appear to have noticed what Jo was doing. The woman was very attentive and chatted to us and we learned that her name was Colette, she owned the restaurant and spoke good english having worked in London. The evening wore on and Jo went to the bar flashing her pussy each time making sure Colette did not see her.

The restaurant was empty by now and the customers in the bar were shown out by Colette who locked the door before checking the kitchen staff had all gone. She got herself a drink and sat at our table beside Jo and looked down saying "I noticed your buttons had accidentally come undone" before resting a hand on her thigh and smiling. She continued "You were in here last week, I'm glad you came back. I noticed you talking to Pierre and Jean and I heard that they enjoyed their visit to your cottage". What have they been saying?" Jo stammered looking worried. "Oh nothing" she replied, moving her hand up Jo's leg and touching her pussy, before continuing "My sister is Jeans mother, I was visiting her last Sunday and I overheard him talking to Pierre about what had happened, no one else knows. They said you had a lovely body, which I can see is true and that they thought that you enjoyed being watched while you're fucked by strangers" Jo said that she did before Collette continued "I to like this with men and women, but I have to be careful in a small town. I sometimes go to a rest area off the Autoroute. Would you both like to go there with me tonight?" We immediately agreed and she went to change, returning about 15 minutes later wearing a wrap dress, showing her cleavage and and length of shapely thigh as she walked.

I drove to the rest area and she told me to park near the lorries which were well separated from the cars. We walked across an area which was screened by trees and bushes to a sort of picnic area with couple of lorries near by. There was a full moon and low lighting illuminating some tables and benches. Colette lent back against the table and undid her belt dropping her dress to the floor revealing a 1/2 cup bra, supporting full breasts tipped by large brown erect nipples, and a g-string. With her short brown hair, slim waist, long legs and wide hips she looked fantastic. She reached for Jo and kissed her, at the same time releasing her halter top and rubbed her breasts against Jo's. Jo had managed to undo the bra and bent forward, taking first one nipple and then the other in her mouth and sucking and kissing them. Jo's dress had joined the other clothes on the floor as I stepped back into the shadows to watch. They moved back together and Colette kissed Jo's neck before moving her way down over her stomach and licking, kissing and nibbling her clitoris and licking her pussy. She then moved back up and kissing her sticking her tongue in Jo's mouth letting her taste her own juices. They were both making quite some noise by now and from the shadows I could see them being watched by the lorry drivers.

Jo was getting very aroused and cupping Colette's breasts ran her tongue around both nipples before moving down. She reached the g-string and pulled it down exposing Colettes pussy which had neatly trimmed hair. As Jo moved her head back I could see that the clit hood was pierced with a ring which Jo then flicked with her tongue and tugged gently as she buried her face between her legs. Jo pushed her back on the table, parting her legs wider as Colette pulled her head hard against her, grinding her cunt against her tongue. Jo had reached between her own legs and was rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers in and out or her hole. Colette was gasping and talking loudly in french when I heard two lorry doors close and footsteps approaching. Standing out of sight, I saw the drivers walking over, talking and checking around before approaching the table, unzipping and started stroking their cocks while they watched the girls climax in front of them.

The girls then turned to look at them before kneeling down and taking a cock each in their mouths. The drivers were soon ready for more and wanted to fuck. We had agreed that we would not fuck other people without protection and with the exception of Hago had used them. Fortunately Jo had grabbed a couple before leaving the car. She grabbed one and handed him it which he put on before lifting her up and bending her over the table. He slid his prick into her easily and began pumping her cunt pulling right out before ramming in back in. Colette was laid on her back with her legs wrapped around her man being fucked bareback. Being at right angles on the table Jo had reached between Colettes legs and was rubbing her clit and it looked like she was being rubbed in return. They were now both being fucked hard, Jo pushing back and Colette thrusting on the prick sliding into her. Watching this I had my cock in my hand stroking, but being careful to make no noise. Jo had started grinding her pussy hard against the cock that was inside her. I knew that this meant she was close to coming and that her cunt muscles would be gripping his cock. With a few more thrusts she came just before him crying out as she did. He moved away and dropping the condom in a bin stood watching his mate. Colette was still being fucked as he slid in and out she was pinching and pulling her nipples, panting as her climax built up. Jo still had her fingers on her clit and was pulling the piercing as Colette came, gushing juices on her hand as her man came, jerking as he shot his load. He stood back tidied himself and with a quick word to them followed his mate to the lorries.

Once they were out of sight I came out of the shadows. The girls were still in the same positions and as as I walked over Jo looked at my stiff prick and said "Is that for me? It's much nicer feeling the cum spurting inside me. I want to feel your cock in me". Colette was still on her back, legs parted, her body glistening with perspiration and cum dripping out of her cunt. "Jo, go down on her, you know how much you were turned on when Caroline did it to you" I said. Licking her lips she moved between her legs and bent over lapping and swallowing the cum as I moved behind her and pushed hard between her gaping lips. We were all so aroused that Colette was soon climaxing again and Jo was whispering "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, cum in me, cum in me" As the grip on my cock tightened I came shooting spurt after spurt in to her belly as she collapsed on top of Colette.

After taking a few minutes to recover Colette found her dress and slipped it on but her underwear had disappeared, probably as a souvenir, Jo just picked up her dress and walked naked back to the car. It was very late by now so we headed back to the cottage, inviting Colette to stay the night but she declined saying it was to close to home. We dropped her at the restaurant before returning to the cottage to sleep and then the following day plan what to do with the remaining few days of the holiday.