Written by Joban

28 Oct 2011

well its friday and like every friday the boss wants his balls empty,he texted to meet him in his office and he was bringing a friend i was there as instructed,they both walked in and the friend (mike) was already hard as was clear as his jeans looked like they were going to burst,he walked over to me kissed me hard on the lips and pushed me onto my knees he unzipped and out came his rock hard cock and i mean rock hard it was solid,he wasted no time and put the whole length in my mouth and was face fucking me lucky for me he wasn,t to big ,then the bossed told mike to stop he wanted me naked so i took off my jeans and tee shirt he told mike to suck me off while he licked my arse so i knew what was coming next,,,he told me to get on my knees and while mike fucked my face he lubed me up and started to slowly fuck me and play with my cock mike didn,t last long he came in my mouth and down my chin,he made me suck him dry and stood back and watched the boss ride me he said he was coming and pulled out and wanked over my arse thanks mike said to my boss but he said we,re not finished yet he told mike to take his jeans off and lie over the desk so i went over and the boss was kissing me and wanking me till i came over mike arse (love finishing this way) he wiped the spunk off mike then told me to get back to work and he will see me at shift end to sort out wages,you can bet he will be wanting it again,,,,,,