Written by j smith

24 Sep 2008

I've been maried for ten years nearly and recently turned 50, my wife's a year older than me, doesn't look her age and still pretty fit; our sex life has dwindled, mainly because i'm so tired at night and just need to sleep, this has had a bad effect on us and last month she said if i didn't buck my ideas up she'd have to go elsewhere as she is still a highly sexed woman; i thought she was joking but last Friday she announced she was going out with the girls, nothing unusual in that, there's a group of them that often go out or round to each others houses; she's normally home by about 1pm ish but on this particular occasion it was nearly 4am by the time she'd come home. I was quite irate and demanded to know where she'd been.

" I told you if you didn't buck your ideas up what would happen" she said with a smirking smile.

"What do you mean?" i asked angrily.

With that she opened her bag and tossed a cd in my direction.

"Watch this, see what you're missing." she said.

I took the cd and went downstairs and put it in the player; it wasn't a cd,it was a dvd, obviously a home made one at that.

The picture came into focus and panned into a room and then zoomed in on a bloke sat on a sofa; the next person i saw was my wife; she came into the room wearing the outfit she had on that night; a halter neck top and a skirt. She walked up to the man, bent over so he could see her tits, she was displaying a lot of cleavage, the camera zoomed in on her tits and i could hear her say " do you like these then?".

He reached to touch them but she pulled away saying " not yet."

She reached behind her neck and undid the top, teasing the camera by displaying glimpses of her tits, not showing all of them; i could see the man rubbing his cock through his trousers, it was obviously enjoying this show.

She turned her back on him and wiggled her ass at him, his hands were all over it, squeezing it then he slid his hand up her skirt and i herad her let out a little moan.

"Hell," he said, " you're wet already".

"Mmm," she said, " do you want to taste me?"

She turned back to face him and lifted her skirt to reveal her thong, she slipped her hand inside and put her finger up inside her then pulled it out and offered it to him.

He sucked her finger like he was sucking a cock.

" I really want to fuck you" he said.

" Come on then." she replied. "Undress me".

He unzipped her skirt and she wriggled out of it, then he peeled her top off to reveal her tits in all their glory, i could see his hands all over them, squeezing her nipples and making her squirm.

He took off her thong and she bent over, revealing her tight asshole to him.

"Fuck ne from behind" she pleaded.

This was her favourite position and i saw him takle his rock hard cock out and slide it in to her and then pump away fro all it was worth; the cameraman must have been enjoying it as the camera was now shaking!

He'd obviouly put the camera down as he now joined in and started kissing her and touching her tits, then they got on the floor and dissapered from view.

I was shocked but found it really exciting, my wife was stood at the door and said, " well, told you what you'd be missing."

i grabbed her and fucked her really hard, it was the best we'd had for ages.

Since then, she often goes out on a friday.