Written by russgaynor

29 Apr 2013

I had planned a romantic night for Friday just gone. Pick the wife up, come home a few glasses of wine and a nice meal. We had been sitting chatting when I received a txt from an old school friend I hadn't seen for 27 years. We only ever chatted on facebook. I decided to call him and after 20 minutes of chatting the wife asked if she could have a chat with him. Within 5 minutes of talking it was decided that he should come around for a few drinks. She giggled with excitement ran upstairs had a shower and came back down looking gorgeous. Within half an hour the doorbell went and in came my old friend with a few pack of lager and a smile on his face. We chatted for a while and I noticed the wife stroking his hand and everynow and then kissing his head and hugging him. She is normally quite a touchy friendly person but normally only with people she has known for ages. As the time went on I realised that she obviously really liked him. We had been talking to him about what we get up to on this site and he seemed really interested. Wanting to know in great detail what we had done. Without even thinking I suggested he try it with us. I looked at my wife and started to kiss her then slowly undressed her. He was watching all the time and quickly he undressed. Already he was excited his cock hard and throbbing. I sat back and watched as she gently held it and slowly took it in her mouth sucking and licking, holding it with both hands. She teased it aswell and looking at me smiled knowing full well I was very turned on. My god she looked gorgeous I was that turned on I could have exploded over her pretty face. My mate moaned with pleasure, forcing her back onto the settee he slowly slid two fingers inside her wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure, he kept playing with her giving me ample time to fondle her tits and suck her hard nipples. "oh fuck" she moaned enjoying every minute of it. He then lay her back opening her legs and slid his hard cock inside. At first he was slow, taking his time, she held onto him and I could see that she totally wanted this good looking old school mate of her hubbies to fuck her hard. They fucked for ages, he turned her over on her hands and knees taking her from behind allowing her to suck my throbbing cock. She moaned with pleasure, it was a joy to see her so turned on and I guess being made to feel like a real women. After what seemed like ages he groaned, pulling out he came over her gorgeous wet cunt. Being that turned on part of me wanted to lick it off but I held back. Not long after we went to bed leaving him on the settee. We both fell asleep holding each other. Waking up early I was horny.......she new I hadn't cum and hadn't forgotten. We fucked like new lovers knowing that my mate could hear downstairs, he didn't come up and try to join in but I guess just listened knowing full well that there maybe another opportunity in the future.