Written by Husband

11 Dec 2011

My wifes best female friend comes over to ours regularly on a Friday nite where we have loads to drink and watch films,tv and play the odd game,she stays in the spare room.

This has happened for several years now, but this last time turned out more eventful we had all had a few drinks as usual and someone suggested playing scrabble and to make it more fun it was decided the loser pays a forfiet to the other two.

To cut a long story short i think they fixed it so i would lose and had to pay a forefit after much delibrating and giggling they went upstairs and told me to wait after a short while they reappeared with a bag and said i had to agree to their forfit.

I was told undress down to my boxers which was embaressing in front of them both i was asking what was in the bag and was told to wait and see, at this point without warning my wife distracted me and her friend yanked my boxers down and my naked cock sprank out in full view i tried to cover up with my hands but it was useless. They were laughing and opened the bag and pulled out the contents .

A pair of sheer black,seamed stockings lacy black suspender belt, matching sheer seethru black panties and bra, I said whats going on and they explained my forfit was to be dressed up in the lingerie like a crossdresser and sarve them drinks and food.

Between them they rolled up my legs the sheer black stockings and clipped them to the suspender belt ajusting the straps until taught , the sexy panties were pulled up my legs and thighs until reaching my throbbing cock at this point her friend said to my wife looking at that erection he seems to enjoy wearing Panties and stockings my outfit was finished of by a padded bra, black shoes and a long curly wig.

They had me parading round the room taking loads of pics and video, while keep touching me up and caressing my knicker clad arse and my cock was straining throught the material and leaking pre-cum like mad which they both noticed. they both said we cant have you walking around with your cock leaking like that and i was beckoned to stand in front of them and my wife started to stroke and massage my cock and her mate brought a small cocktail glass within a few seconds i shot a huge load of hot steamy cum into the glass , her friend suggested to my wife it was a waste of good cum and as i was dressed as a girl i should know what cum tasted like my wife agreed and took the glass and told me to open my mouth and as her friend filmed she poured the hot cum from the glass into me they were giggling as i gagged on the cum . they said now be a good girl and swallow your spunk . after this i served them all nite and as a reward at the end they took it in turns to wank and suck me off until i came hard,

What a nite it was , but secretly i'm hooked on wearing sexy lingerie now and wanking of in a glass and swallowing cum . mmmmm