Written by Paulrcouple

23 Aug 2011

Hi its Paul and Jane we try and put a story on every week after we have played out on Wednesday they are all true stories.

We had a meet with Carl a week last Wednesday in the Ramada hes the one from down south we meet when he comes to Manchester on businesses hes mid forties and a lot of fun.

Him and his wife have a strange kink when we are having fun we talk on the fun and tell her whats going on she does the same with the person she is with.

Last time we meet in March he set is lap top up and his wife and her friends were watching us and we were watching them all talking to each other it was a great turn on.

But Carl as told us they have never swung together it just there thing and it floats there boat.Any way because of the riots in Manchester he called his trip off so no fun that Wednesday.

This Wednesday the guy we was meeting never showed up phone switched off we should have known when it was ping pong emails and dirty questions they get off on it its happened to most of us we should learn but we don't.

Any way Friday dinner time in our pub very busy on food then about 3 young John came in we have told you before about John how we full filled his fantasy we have had fun with him a few times but as got a girl friend and don't see much of him.

Hes the one that brought a video of his mother and father on holiday with another couple.

They don't play at home but Jane and Ann do meet every now and then at there house when every ones out the way which is not often,

We had a bit of a grope one night in our pub but Ann did not have much time she says she is trying to talk Terry round Jane and Ann have got a plan were Jane is going to und with a bottle of wine and see what happens any way back to John.

I got talking to John he told me his girl friend had finished with him so i said you wont be getting any then he said he did not get much with his girl friend any way she was good looking and nice boobs. He said she just wasn't bothered for sex she looked as if she was up for it in front of everyone but once on there own there was very little.

I Said you will have to let us sort you out over the holidays i would love that he said when i said its our break at 4 und to the back door and i will let you in it was about ten to four i let him in took him straight up to the bed room strip off and wait for Jane.

I Went back in the bar Jane asked as John gone he must have what were you talking about i told her he is going to fuck you over his holidays that will be nice.

Then night before Thursday we had to let someone down off this site a young Asian lad we have met a few times he is very nice he works in London and comes home on a week end our daughter and her husband stayed so we had to disappoint him sorry about that A----N.

It was 4 I told Jane to go to the bed room and put the video of John fucking her on and i will be up shortly only one member of staff turned up two still to come fucking hell were are they Jane's up above my head getting fucked i have got a hard on thinking about trying to serve customers when they turned up your late we got stuck in traffic its Friday tea time and your driving through Manchester we will be back at 6.

I went up to the bed room they were lying on the bed kissing Jane looked at me and smiled she opened her legs and spunk was running out.

I stripped off pulled her to the bottom of the bed got her legs in the air rubbed my knob end on her pussy lips found the hole and with one push in all the way it felt so good there's nothing as good as fucking your wife straight after someone.

John got so Jane could suck his cock i bent forward so we could do it at the same time i could not hold back for long and shot my cum to join Johns .John came on Jane's lips we both kissed each other and tasted Johns come.

We did not have much time Jane got a shower John got dressed i let him out i had a shower while Jane made tea