Written by Alecj

24 Dec 2013

I have written on here before but not for a while. This is a true story which happended a few days ago local to me.

I have recently taken early retirement and this allows me to spend time doing what I want, and I spend quite a bit of time maintaining a local wood. The recent bad weather has meant there is a lot to do. Anyway last Tuesday I decided to go and do some tree felling and logging up of the previously felled wood. As it was threatening rain I decided to take the truck in so I had somewhere to store the chainsaws etc so they would not get wet, plus it gives me somewhere to have a break in the warm.

I drove in and locked the gates behind me then drove down the tracks to get to the dense part of the wood. I soon got working and as usual several of teh local dog walkers came by. After about an hour I had a break and sat on the back of the truck for a few minutes. There are often horse riders around using teh bridal paths and the usual mountian bikers going around plus a few runners. I went back to work for another hour and then decided it was time for a coffee so stopped again. When using teh chainsaws you cant hear people, but when I stopped I saw several ladies approaching down the track. I had seen them before in the woods and they are a group who jog on a regular basis. As they went past I acknowledged them and jokingly said its coffee break time, they said cant stop and went on their way. I got ready to start work again when I saw one of the group walking back. I said had enough and she said yep too much for one day so off home for coffee and a clean up shower. I said I have a spare cup if you fancy a coffee and was surpried when she said ok. I poured the coffee and we chatted for a few minutes. She said her name was Carol and she was really pleased to see the woods being managed. I estimated she was about mid fifties and she was strangely attractive, her jogging gear did not show her in the best light, but she had a tight bum in her lycra leggings but her top was encased in a baggy nylon type jacket. We carried on talking about things (the woods, the weather) just general small talk. It was a drizzly day so I said I am getting a bit cold so going to finish my coffee in the truck and said if she wanted she could join me. Carol smiled said ok it will be warmer. We got in the front, and I started the engine and put the heater on. Carol unzipped her jacket and I saw she was wearing a jogging top again made of lycra. It made her look quite flat chested! Conversation carried on, and I asked how often she used the woods, she said about 3 times a week. I said it must keep you fit and she said yes it does and at her age she needed to do something. I asked how old she was and she said guess, being a gentleman I said mid forties, she laughed and said I wish, I am 57. I said thats not old it is the same as me, and that you are as young as you feel, she laughed and said or the person you are feeling. I laughed and said I agree. With that she said ok we are both 57 lets feel each other to see how a 57 year old feels. I was surprised, and she leant over and touched my thigh. As I was chainsawing I had thick chainsaw trousers on, but lets say something stirred in anticipation. She smiled and said come on its your turn, so I lent over and felt her thigh, and have to say the feel of warm lycra really turned me on. I said that feels nice and she smiled. I said to her I had an advantage as she was only wearing thin clothing so I could feel more and she said how much do you want to feel, I said as much as you like. She smiled and took of her jacket. The front of a 4 x 4 truck is not that comfortable so I thought hell lets go for it, so I said tell you want let me take these thick trousers off. I climbed out and kicked off my boots unzipped the thick trousers slipped my boots back and climbed in the back. Carol smiled and said ok and jumped out and joined me in the back. Before I knew it she was feeling me all over and I joined in sliding my hand up her tight top to find a tight sports bra blocking my way! Carol knew what the problem was and moved away peeling her top off and sat there with a bra top and then simply peeled that off as well. Her tits were the smallest I have ever seen literally 2 fried eggs, she said they are small but very reactive to touch. She slid across towards me again and my hands tweaked her little nipples and boy she was right they stood up like little rocks in my fingers and she was sighing loudly. She managed to unzip my trousaers and was soon inside my pants rubbing my now erect cock. I tried to get my hand down her joggers but the lycra waistband hindered progress, so she assisted me again and lifted herself up allowing me to pull them down her bum and then access her pussy. It was moist and warm through her very silky knickers, not small but big knickers.

She was breathing heavily and her nipples still seemed to be growing in my fingers I had never felt such small tits with such hard nipples. I said how reactive they were and she said she always wanted bigger boobs but she had to make do with what she had, I said I am not complaining. With that she lent forward and kissed the top of my cock. She said I dont do oral but I just want to kiss what I am going to get. I said what do you mean she said I want your cock up my pussy. I said I wanted my cock up her pussy as well. She said lets get out, and you can. She pulled her joggers up and opened the door. She got out and said come on no ones around. She left the door open and lent against the seat so her bum was sticking out. I got out and she said come on just do it. I walked round and pulled her joggers down to reveal a very tight bum in black nylon knickers I went to pull them down when she said no, just slip then aside, so I did and then aimed my now rock hard cock at her love hole which was very hairy and entered she jolted back towards me and swallowed me inside. She said go slow so I did and moved in and out for about 5 minutes while she moaned quietly. I said I cant hold back much more and she said no problems at my age it does not matter and I shot the lot up her love hole. She turned around after I withdrew and bent down and kissed me again on the tip saying thank you. She adjusted her knickers and pulled up her jogging bottoms and got dressed before saying thanks I enjoyed that. I said I enjoyed it to, and she had changed my mind about big boobs being best and how I liked small ones especially ones that react like hers. She smiled said good perhaps I will be around again for another coffee. I smiled and said yes next time I will bring more plus cakes. She smiled and said what have your cake and eat it! I said what do you mean and she said wait and see. With that she said she had to go and gave me a quick kiss before saying thanks again see you soon.

I saw her a couple of days later with her group of joggers she smiled and said hello, but did not come back so I am still waiting for another encounter but hoping!!