Written by alecj

5 Jan 2014

I wriote a few weeks ago about my experience with Carol in our local woodlands. I wondered if it was a one off or if she would return.

Well this Sunday we had a session for volunteers to help with work in the woods. About 8 people turned up to help and we started cutting back bramble and clearing overhanging branches along the pathways.After about an hour several dog walkers and horse riders had gone by, and we stopped for coffee.

As we were just about to start work again I saw Carol walking towards us along the path with her 2 friends again. She went past and the usual pleasentaries were exchanged and I smiled. They stopped a few yards after passing and were chatting to one of our helpers. I wandered up and they were asking about what we were doing. Carol looked at me smiled and said what time do you work to. I said normally about 2ish but it depends when people leave, but I hang on till everyone has gone. She smiled again and they walked on their way.

Bit by bit the volunteers left and at 1 oclock I was alone so I started to clear things away, and walked back to the truck to put the tools away. As I walked down the track a voice caled out saying Hi do you want a hand, I lept as it was Carol. I said yes that would be great and she helped me carry things back to the truck. Once all was away she said thanks for last time, I said no the thanks are all mine it was really great. She said I know it is a bit forward but would you shag me again! I said I would love to but it was a bit open where I was parked. She said dont worry I dont mind and with that opened her wax jacket to reveal a vest top with her superb nipples very erect and pointing at me. As I said before she has very small possibly the flattest tits I have ever seen but her nipples are to die for! She said come on lets be quick, and with that turned to face a tree and wiggled her bum at me. With that I undid my zip, and put my hand round to undo her jeans, and pulled them down to reveal she was commando. She lifted her jacket up and pushed her bum at me and with that I shoved my erect cock straight in. She moaned and as I thrust she moved back against me and it was not long before I erupted inside her. She turned and pulled her jeans up and said thanks I needed that. I responded by saying so did I and she smiled saying she had to go as her friends were excpecting her for lunch. She leant forward kissed me and my hands made their way to her nipps still erect and pushing through her vest top. She moaned as I stroked and twealked them then pulled away saying I must go but I will see you again, and hurried off back up the track. I watched her wander off and was already looking forward to next time.

Watch this space for more adventures.