Written by 55active

7 Dec 2010

Well Lyn called in to see me this afternoon very annoyed about what happened with June last week. After a bit of name calling she asked me what I thought I was doing fucking her friend and how embarrassed she was. I told her that if she had not told her friend about us then it would never have happened! Are you going to see her again she asked I do not see why not I replied we both enjoyed it. What about me she asked well you can join us or come round on your own. You smug bastard she said, not at all I replied I really enjoyed fucking you and to be honest the sex with June was great too. The difference is she is not jealous and does not give a flying fuck who I shag as long as it is safe sex and I do not tell anyone. What about me she said well you already know and you aint likely to tell anyone else or are you? She scowled and said you dirty rotten bastard. I grabbed her kissed her and pushed my hand between her legs. She tensed then grabbed at my cock. For a second I thought she might squeeze the life out of me but she was gentle.

I only had on a shirt and sweat pants so they came off double quick and her blouse and skirt followed. THen I was fingering her pussy and bum hole. I turned her around and started fucking her pussy but was putting lots of saliva on her arsehole. She knew what I was going to do and called me a dirty bastard. Did you fuck June's arse she asked. Yes I replied and she asked me to do it to her. Fuck me you dirty bastard!THe good thing about a 6aaaaaaaa2 cock is that it works beautifully in even a tight arse. I was holding on as she abused me and then I pulled out as I started to cum and pulled her face round and down to my cock. A bit of cum spurted on her cheek and then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it until I started wilting.

Well she said are you going to fuck June again. Too fucking right I said if it has this effect on you. You dirty fucking lowlife she said. Well it takes one to know one and I expect you to agree to a 3 sum with June as soon as I can arrange. Like fuck she said . OK find a new fuck buddy I said as I am sure June knows another diry bitch like her that will agree. She got dressed calling me a lowlife and I was kidding myself. I like you both I said and you both want no strings sex so why not join together and increase the fun if you dont like it we can just make sure we dont clash on dates. You cocky bastard she said as she walked out.

So there it stands who knows what will happen?