Written by doorman

6 Apr 2009

Having some work done in the garden this weekend just gone, few friends came over to help. a friends daughter with her boyfriend also came. she is 21 and bloody horny.

We were doing some building work in the garden my wife was there and this girl and 3 other mates. anyway as the day was going on we are having a joke the girls are doing food and drinks everything was fine.

We started talking about shagging as fellas do, when the girls went inside. my garden goes round the corner and what we didnt know was the girls had been listening to us all the time. we was talking about girl on girl stuff and gangbangs saying about with the right people they could be good. me and my wife had had some fun before but not with these people.

After a while i went in to use the loo, as i passed my wife i kissed her full on the mouth and my friends daughter made a comment, saying that was deep.

Off i went upstairs to the loo. i was about to come out when this girl was standing outside the door right infront of me, i said sorry as i almosst bumped into her, she just stuck her face on mine and snogged me hard and sexy. I have to say i stepped back abit, shocked. then i looked past her my wife was standing behind her laughing with a wicked smile on her face.

She told me they had heard the fellas talking and had a chat of their own about 3 somes, so i told l to come onto me if she wanted to, which she did. so i pulled her back and kissed her again up against the door, my wife had come closer and stroking my cock thru my pants and touching L's tits.

Fuck this was horny, i stopped and said what about the others down stairs they will wonder what we are doing, my wife was already touching L's funny thru her little skirt and she slipped her hand up and was playing with her pussy, l was garsping as i was kissing her neck and grabbing her tits hard. l just let out a little moan as she came, my wife just took het finger out and placed it in her own mouth and cleaned her cum off it.i said what about me so l just got my cock out right there at hte top of the stairs and sunk to her knees and took t in her mouth what a good cock sucker, not long i shot my load in her mouth she drunk it all.

My wife bent down and kissed her full on the mouth, she loves my cum. this took place in about 10 minutes. we said we should do something else later that day as my wife still had to cum, so we arranged something to get rid of everyone else once our work was done so we could play some more............... more to come