Written by cockoo

22 Aug 2016

This is a true storey of how I got with my friends mum . In 1983 I was 20 and went on holiday to teneriffe with my friend John and his parents Jan and kev.

Jan was a typical of 45 year old mother of 4, average looking really but still fantasy material for a lad,never did I think beyond that,until one day at the pool.I was on a sunbed when Jan and kev arrived one morning.

As they settled down I watched Jan lean forward and un knowingly give me an eye full of cleavage. She then started to take off her shorts ready to lay out on the sun bed.

As she's started to pull them down she caught her bikini bottoms and I got a great look at the hairyiest bush ever.

Jan quickly recovered and pulled them back up saying to Kev I'm going back to the room I don't feel to good.

She reassured him she was OK and would nt be to long.

As she walked past me she winked at me when no one else could see !

This set my mind racing.

What did that mean ,what should I do.I sat and thought for about 20 minutes until Kev and John went for a swim.

This I decided was my chance.I would disappear to my room and check that Jan was OK on the way.

When I got to Jan's apartment the door was open and no noise at all.I walked straight in quietly expecting to see Jan asleep,which if so I would gaze briefly then leave.

However,Jan on the lying on the bed in her bikini and said I thought you weren't coming.

The shock had me mumbling some rubbish about checking how you feel.Jan just said lay next to me.

As I did she took my hand and caressed her tits with it.I had a hard on when I saw her on the bed so this has me ready to burst!

She pulled me over and we stared kissing.Jan then pushed my head onto her tits asking me to s uck them which I eagerly did while she masterbated through her bikini using my hand .

After sucking her tits for a minute I got my fingers inside her pussy which surprised me just how big and wet it was.

Four fingers slide in and there was room for more.

l could smell her pussy while sucking her tits so when she started to push my head down i tried to resist.

Jan basicly forced me to go down on her urging me to lick her.

As she removed the bottoms I got a clear look at her huge gaping pussy,incredibly hairy.I could nt see the lips clearly but the hole I could as it was so wet.

Jan held my face in her pussy and grated demand ing I lick her.

Very quickly she came ,soaking my face as I struggled for breath.

she then said,ok it's your turn now and pulled my cock into her sopping fanny.

I started to cum after a couple of thrust though I did nt really touch the sides !

Jan panicked as said don't cum in me I'm virtile ,Kev and I are trying for another baby.

With that she pulled me out and I shot all over her bush.

Jan explained that Kev has trouble getting it up and a low sperm count but she is very keen to conceive with him,but her higher sex drive has become an issue.

I have a part 2 to this story to follow