Written by T

2 Nov 2009

I am an attractive forty one year old married woman. I am told I have a very sexy body size 10, 36d2435, and waxed, leggy, 5’6” short blond highlighted hair, very highly sexed and very unfaithful. I am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful man who adores watching be having sex with other men and women, and likes to hear about it if he cannot see it for himself. We are fortunate enough to be very comfortably off, so that enables me to go out a far bit.

This event happened two weeks ago. I had arranged to meet my mate at a Ports mouth pub for a girl drink and gossip. I arrived ahead of time, dress in a black mini, low cut, dress hold ups heals nothing underneath, as I hare knickers and it would have looked odd with a bra. I ordered a drink and as I paid I heard bloody hell is Tracey; and as I looked round it was my friend’s Maggie’s husband, Darren, along with his pal Lenny. I explained I was waiting for Sue to turn up, and they bought me another drink and we sat at a corner table. We were laughing and chatting. I was quite happy I have fancied Darren for years and Lenny was a stunning sexy young black guy. After about twenty minutes and three large vodkas, Sue called to say her babysitter had let her down and could we rearrange. I said of course no problem, feeling a bit cross. I told the guys that I would go after my drink and Lenny, whose hand had been on my leg, very forcibly held my leg and said no you can stay with us and enjoy yourself, we are loving your company. I was a bit pissed and very attracted to both guys so I agreed. We had another drink and Lenny said they should have a kissing competition I had to decide who kissed best. Darren went first full French kiss his hand slid inside my top and started playing with my nipples and he was a great kisser, then Lenny had his go; with Darren hand still on my nipple, and Lenny French kissing me very expertly and his hand riding up passed my stockings and inside my fanny and starting to finger fuck me; I must say that was more than I could take and had a massive orgasm as they both played and used me in the bar. I felt both their crouches and they felt huge. Maggie’s had said before how big Darren was. Lenny suggested going back to his flat for a drink and to get to know each other. So we left.

Lenny’s flat was five minutes from the pub, once in they had my clothes off in seconds, dragging me into the bed room. They both stripped and had amazing bodies six pack hung like donkeys, Lenny went down on m and gave me the most wonderful oral sex as I sucked on Darren; then I felt Lenny’s cock enter my fanny, slowly but then with some force; he started to fuck me and he was like a steam engine the force and speed was amazing; I came a number of times be for him, then Darren took his place with a very similar style. After Darren I rode Lenny and Darren pushed me forward and fucked my arse. It was such a great experience and feeling they both cam at the same time, Darren having pulled my hair back to get his speed and power and Lenny biting and mauling my tits. We then rested and I was fucked by them both twice more; plus me sucking them to completion and swallowing ever drop. Darren had to go because of Maggie and I stayed the night with Lenny, he fuck me twice more and twice in the morning., When I got home I was covered in spunk and love bites on my tits, fanny and arse and very sore nipples and belt rings on my bum where they had used their belts on me. When I undressed for the shower my husband laughed because one of them had written fucking good shag ur wife is such a slag.

We then had a great fuck before I slept for the rest of the day. I have seen Lenny once more he fucked me in front of my husband hopeful for a Darren and Lenny spit roast again one day