Written by Tom

24 May 2017

I went out with friends at the weekend his wife is gorgeous as per usual he got pissed she was not happy. We got back to there house and she complained he had been away all week and needed fucking clearly he wasn't capable he could hardly walk. He slurred I could fuck her and laughed, he laid flat on the floor on his back she hoisted her skirt and kneeled over him her knickerless pussy exposed and made him lick her. In between falling asleep he tongued her he yelled at me I could fuck her I got my cock out and slid in as he fell asleep again. I fucked her hard until she orgasmed and just as I was about to,cum I pulled out and sprayed his sleeping face and pushed it back into her.

As pulled out the spunks dribbled off my cock and in his face she sat on his face so it was spunk covered we both laughed as we took pics of his face on our phones. By the time he woke up he had no idea what the dried stuff was on his face . Yes I a going to cum on his face again