Written by Andy

31 Aug 2008

Things were getting on fine with me regularly fucking my friends wife, without him knowing. During one session, when she was quite drunk, but not incapable, she said that she wanted to be fucked by 2 men at the same time. She was fed up of being fucked by me and then going home to be fucked by her husband.

I spoke to a mutual friend, not giving Helen’s name away, to see if he was interested. All I could say to him was that she was a good fuck and that he knew her. He agreed.

The day came and I carefully set the stage. I met with Helen at a local restaurant, where we had a light meal and plenty to drink. We went back to my office, where we started to kiss and disrobe. I put the lights off. I lay on my back on the floor and Helen started to give me a blow job. I had managed to position her in such a way that her arse was up in the air. She was really quite wet as my fingers went in and out of her pussy. I took my fingers away and Helen let out a cry. Ian was behind her and had pushed his cock straight into her hole. Of course she didn’t know that tonight was the night. She had no idea who was pounding into her, but was now loving every minute. Ian didn’t say a word and to this day she still doesn’t know who the mystery man was. Since then we have had a few ‘mystery men’ helping out. I found out that Ian her first ‘mystery man’ is also having an affair with Helen and I worked out that she must be getting fucked at least 12 times a week, plus whatever her husband does. Helen went from being a typical one man housewife, to what I guess they call a nymphomaniac