Written by Jerry and Helen

28 May 2008

We've just returned from visiting long established friends and until now nothing physical has happened between us although it's not been for want of trying by the male halves. This time, something was decidedly different and you could feel the sexual tension as soon as we arrived. We had to take things easy the first night as Diane had to pop into work in the morning so we stopped drinking around midnight and when the girls went upstairs to bed I stayed downstairs with Arthur trying to work out how we could fuck each others partner. But things don't always go to plan or in this case were a waste of time. When we woke in the morning Helen was as randy as I've ever seen her and was fantasising about having a MMF with Arthur but like most of her fantasies said it was to remain a fantasy. Not this time however, and while I was fucking Helen doggie style Arthur came into the bedroom with tea for us both. Helen hadn't heard him so I asked her what she'd like to do if Arthur was with us now. She was so explicit and as asked if she'd like to see Arthur's 9 inch cock now. She asked how I knew it was 9 inches and I told her he was behind her now. She didn't believe and said if he was I should change places with him. So I did and watched him slowly slip his cock into Helen's juicy pussy. Helen couldn't believe what was happening but wasn't going to stop. Helen was suddenly a changed woman and for the next 2 hours we fucked in all positions possible. When we had a rest she admitted that she'd always wanted the fantasy to be a reality and didn't mind if I had fun with Diane that night. Indeed she wanted to have Diane herself which was fine with us as long as we could be there and watch - no problem she said as long as we would give her a boy on boy show.

This was turning out to be a really good weekend so what the hell. We went down on each other and boy was it good. Helen then felt left out so while Arthur had her doggy, I positioned behind him and fucked his ass. Nice and tight but penetrable with the aid of some KY jelly. We the positioned Helen in the middle and had some DP fun.

I was just about to take my place in the middle when Diane phoned saying she was on her way home so we stopped but agreed that we'd do all we could to get Diane to join in with the fun later that night. She didn't take much persuasion - it could have been the wine followed by the strip poker, but once she was naked, and what a body, better than I had imagined, she was more than happy to accept the dares when she lost. But that's another story........