Written by Sue

24 Jun 2012

This story happened a couple of years ago and was for me the best time of my life.

I met Pete at work, we were just good friends having only shared a kiss at christmas, we were both in our late fortied and married with teenagers, he was a good friend often helping me and sometimes taking me out to the pub when I felt lonely as my husband worked away, often for weeks at a time. My sister who lives in Kent was taken ill, it was difficult for me to travel to visit her as we live in the midlands, Pete offered to drive me to visit her,

He collected me and my younger son on the evening after he finished work so we didn't arrive at my sisters till late that evening, after a meal he went to the bathroom, I followed him, I wanted to repay him for his kindness, when he came out of the bathroom I guided him into the bedroom, kissing and hugging him, his hands gravitated to my breasts squeezing them, this was the first time that he had touched me and I enjoyed it, opening my top I let his hands go inside my bra tweeking my nipples, we then had to stop and return to the lounge to join the others.

As he was so tired after a full days work and a five hour drive we persuaded him to stay the night but there was no room in the house my sister suggested that he sleep on their caravan that was stored in their garden, we made him comfortable then we went to bed, I couldn't sleep thinking about Pete outside so eventually I went down to see if he was ok, on entering I found him lying on the bed with his cock in his hand, wanking it, he said that he was thinking of me and what had happened earlier, I bent over and kissed him which turned into a full snog, my nighty was soon removed, he sucked my nipples while I went down on his hard cock, sucking hard on it, by now I was so turned on I wanted more, slipping into bed with him he was quickly inside my wet pussy pumping ito me, I reached my climax far too soon, just before he came he asked if I was safe, when I groaned"yes" I felt his cum deep inside me, we spent the rest of the night cuddled up together, before I left the next morning I went down on him again sucking his cock till he filled my mouth with his cum cum swallowing it greadily, something that I had rarely done with my husband and he had never done with his wife.

On entering the house I was shocked to find my sister allredy up and making tea,she smiled and asked me what I had been up to, she asked me if I loved him, I had to admit that I think that I did, she was pleased as she disliked my husband since he had come on to her many years earlier.

She persuaded him to stay for another day, I was so pleased that we spent another day together touching and sneaking a kiss at every opportunity, that night the others went to the cinema leaving Pete and I together, we started to kiss, my top and bra was removed and I helped him to remove my skirt and panties, his fingers pushed inside me, rubbing my clit and pushing deap inside me till I could stand it no longer, lying on my back he pushed his cock into me, fucking me hard till with a scream I climaxed he pulled out of me shooting his cum all over my breasts, I looked a bit of a mess, after cleaning myself up in the bathroom my sister came home, seing me she smiled asking me what had happened, getting me to go into detail of our fun together.

That night with my sisters encouragement I dressed in a basque, stockings and no panties, all evening we jocked about what we may or may not be wearing, after a few drinks we both stripped down to our undies for him, watching his bulge get ever bigger, that night I slept in the caravan with him although I have to say there was not much sleep being done, My sister obviously fancies him as she arrived early the following morning with tea for us, wearing only a little see through nightie.