Written by Frustrated husband

5 Jan 2018

Hello all. I’m going to tell you about probably one of the strangest and probably most ridiculous situations you would have ever heard of. My wife and I are both in our early 30’s and have a great relationship. Our sex life is good but some time ago my wife admitted to me that the only regret she had was that I was the only man she had ever had sex with. Now at first I was offended but she went on to explain that I was more that enough for her but she regretted not living out s few fantasies, on of which was to have sex with a much older man, a threesome with two other guys and so on. Now, this shocked me because she is quite a shy woman and this was out of character.

So anyway, we talked a lot about it and decided that we should broaden our horizons. I registered us with a ‘fuck finder’ website juts to see what sort of reaction (if any) we would get. I expected Jenny (My wife) to get quite a bit of interest because she is slim with large firm breasts has bobbed auburn hair with dark brown eyes and is what I would call Audrey Hepburn pretty and I was right. To begin with we shied away from putting on a photo but when we put one on with our faces we got about 10 requests for a chat but when I put one on of Jenny topless the whole thing exploded and we got about 60 requests for contact in the first few days.

Most were just dirty old men wanting to shag Jenny with a few just wanting a titty fuck but there seemed to be a few genuine couples out there, a few our age but the one that Jenny decided to make contact with where around the mid 60’s. Jenny reminded me of her fantasy to do something with an older man. He was quite distinguished and she had a decent body for her age. We agreed to e mail each other first and then after a few weeks of this we agreed to meet in a hotel not that far from us.

We met and got on well but nothing happened although there did seem to be a spark between him and Jenny. A week later we were invited for a meal to their home which is about 50 miles from ours. All went well, Jenny wore a tight red low cut dress which made her look even hotter than she does normally. Her breasts were bulging out which I think she did on purpose. The four of us had agreed that we would just talk and get to know each other before deciding if it should go any further with Jenny making it clear that at most all she would be prepared to do is have some light swinging, touching and that sort of thing.

Our meal went well and we chatted and I wondered if there was enough of a spark for anything to happen at all but even though we got on whatever speak there was between us didn’t seem the be there anymore, in fact it was almost like this was a formal business meeting with him being very direct and not at all light about it all. Then the subject of cars came up and our guest told me that he had an old Porsche 914 1972 in his garage that he had maintained and asked if I wanted to see it. I love cars so I jumped at the chance.

It was in excellent condition and when he told me that he had been the only person he allowed to drive it I wasn’t surprised but what I was surprised at was him offering to let me take it for a spin. He gave me the keys and I promised to look after it and be back in 10 or 15 min and he said it was fine. I actually took about 25 min before I got back. I parked it in the drive and checked that there were no scratches and so on before knocking at the front door. His wife answered and I went in. I told her what a great car it was and that I had looked after it and that I was sure her husband would want to check it was ok. She laughed and said he would. I looked around but couldn’t see either hi or Jenny and I asked where they were. ‘ In the den’ she told me and pointed to a door down the hall.

I said I would give him the keys and started to walk towards the hallway but she stopped me. ‘ I wouldn’t, leave them alone for a little while dear’. I asked why not, genuinely confused as to why I shouldn’t disturb them. ‘ I think you’ll find that they are fucking dear’ I must have looked shocked ( because I was) I know that we had met on a fuck buddy site but Jenny wouldn’t do anything other than allow some fondling and I told her so. She looked at me and smiled and said ‘ I think its more than that’ We walked to the door and listened in and sure enough I could hear panting and grunting and a cooing that was obviously Jenny. I put my hand on the door handle but she stopped me opening the door telling me that she didn’t think he (her husband) would like it. To be honest I didn’t give a fuck what he would like so I opened it a little bit a quietly as I could and I was fucking gutted at what I saw.

Jenny was on her hands and knees on a leather lounger completely naked. She was hot and flustered and her skin was clammy which told me she had been fucking this guy for a while, probably within minutes of me getting in the car. He was bollock naked kneeling behind her a clearly long thick shaft sliding in and out of my wife’s cunt. As he did so her fat tits swung, he had one hand holding her hair and the other steadying himself and he continued with his perfect shagging rhythm. He looked at me as though I was intruding, Jenny just closed her eyes and groaned over and over whilst biting her lips and massaging her breasts.

His wife pulled the door closed and took me by the hand telling me to ‘ let then have some peace’.

I know it sounds fucking stupid but I was genuinely gutted, I didn’t expect this. Jenny was the one who didn’t want to fuck and just let someone touch her.

Apparently as soon as I drove off her husband asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking her dress off and my wife was out of it in seconds and the two of them were undressed in less than 10 seconds with Jenny on her knees sucking his cock until his wife suggested they might want some privacy.

‘ Lets have some fun of our own dear’ she told me and unzipped my fly and pulled out my soft cock. ‘Oh dear, well have to do something about that’ she told me and sat me on the sofa. She tried to get me hard with her hand but all I could think of was the groaning and squealing coming from the other room. The old guys wife started to suck me off and I did get a little firm ut it was difficult to concentrate. In the end she sat up and said that it was ‘ just sex dear’ and pulled her blouse off to reveal small but reasonable breasts. She then lay on her back and pulled her skirt off to reveal a shaved pussy,’come on dear, lets fuck’.

There was no point on objecting and she was quite a good-looking woman. I managed to get one of her tits in my mouth completely and had a nice suck which got me hard so I entered her and gave her a good shagging. In fairness we kept it going. I fucked her doggy style, missionary, spoon and back to doggy style over the settee before I shot my load into her. But my wife and this guy where still going for it even after his wife had cleaned my cock with her mouth and I had gotten dressed.

I stood by the door and listened to my wife BEG him to keep going I listened to ‘ oh fuck please don’t stop’ and ‘ fuck me, fuck me, keep going’& ‘I’m cumming, oh fuck your amazing’ then she let out a roar and kept on begging him to keep going. Then she cried out ‘don’t stop, why are you taking it out?’ he replied that he was going to ejaculate. My wife said that she didn’t gibe a fuck and ‘please cum inside me ‘ . He warned her that he was very ‘ fertile’ and suggested that he cums over her.

Jenny cried ‘no please, I want it inside me’. Listening to her begging for him to cum inside her was pathetic and I opened the door slightly hoping that it would bring her to her senses but I did so just in time to see her straddle him and lower herself onto his thick solid cock and start to bounce, riding him for all that she was worth. I watched her fat tits bounce and sway as she rode him and he thrust himself up to meet her pussy. I watched him then grip her tits and squeeze before throwing he onto her back and enter her like he was possessed.

He gave a good few frantic thrusts until he let out a roar and my wife started to shake and then they froze. It was pretty clear she was having a major orgasm and he was pumping her with cum. There was a few short sharp thrusts and I closed the door. His wife had that ‘told you so’ look on her face.

She made me coffee and we waited a while before she went and told them that I wanted to go. Jenny came out soaking in sweat, her hair matted and looking sheepishly at me. She apologised saying that she was sorry and that it just sort of happened. She hadn’t put her bra back on and her nipples where still solid.

We drove home with her still smelling of cum. We talked about it and we agreed that it was a mutual thing. The next day he rang to speak to Jenny, he said something and she just replied ‘ yes please’. She gave me the phone and he informs me that he and Jenny would be fucking several times a week unless I objected which he says ‘ I would expect you to be a gentle man and drop her off’. Now, twice a week we go to their house and I fuck his wife in a nice clean bed whilst my wife screams and grunts in the next bedroom of rover an hour or more.

On one occasion I was to go there after work and Jenny would meet me at the door by his naked wife in her dressing gown out of breath annoyed that I was early. I was advised not to go to the bedroom but fuck that, I wanted to know what was happening. I followed her to the bedroom and Jenny was under him with her legs in the air. His wife takes me to the other bedroom and tells me that they have been having sex and that Jenny was ‘ very nice’ and then we fuck.

Jenny has since admitted that they regularly have threesomes when I’m not there and one occasion she was shagged by his wife before her husband came home.

Now my wife has gone from shy and quiet introvert to a wild bitch in bed sometime with me but more often that not with him.