Written by Ken

10 Apr 2008

I love cuddling up to my wife in bed at night. With our arms around each other having a cuddle and kissing. My hand around her arse hers around mine I gently gyrate my cock between her legs. I have tried on a number of occasions to give her oral, but her mind will not let her relax and enjoy what I am doing. I almost got there once I could tell she was enjoying my tongue rubbing up and down her slit and over her clitoris. But her mind took over and she stopped me going any further orally. Maybe this is a problem with a lot of women. However I have to accept the fact that oral sex is out.

I usually then ask my wife (Amy) to turn around so her back is facing me. My arms go around her and I have a lovely feel of her tits, which are nice and firm. I play with her tits and nipples for a while whilst at the same time rubbing my cock up and down between her cheeks. My hand goes down her stomach she lifts one leg up slightly to give me access between her legs. My fingers go between her slit and gently inside her I alternate between slipping my fingers in and touching her clitoris.

When I feel her pushing herself against me and moaning I know she is ready for my cock. Putting my hand between her legs I pull my stiff cock through her legs and with my fingers guiding it I rub it up and down and her clitty. Soon it is very slippery down there I soon find her entrance and it slips inside her. I push it in and out for a while at the same time touching her between the legs. I then lay on my back taking my wife with me. Amy then moves down slightly so that my cock is fully imbedded in her. In this position I feel I am in control I love it when I get my wife really excited. She parts her legs and I have full access to her body. I keep my cock still and concentrate on making her cum. My hands cup her tits I gently feel her nipples then my hands move down her body. I reach her trimmed pubic hair moving down further I rub my finger against her clitoris and at the same time I could feel my fingers touch my cock. She is now on the point of cumming I continue rubbing her clit and proceed to move my shaft in and out of her. Soon I don’t have to do anything because once she starts cumming she starts to arch her body up and down which gets my cock very excited. Amy cums and I shoot my load into her just seconds later.