Written by Frombehind x

24 Aug 2009

So it was getting unbearable! Julie's teenage boys were finding themselves more at our place and very little at their dad's. He had gotten himself a new hottie, but I was now missing out on the fruits of Julie's great body.

Julie, late 30's, long blond hair, slim figure, small tits with chewable hard pink nipples, great bum, and a moist and always willing pussy.

I was off work for an extra day and Julie came home from the office early at 4pm. We had not fucked for a couple of days and it was getting to both of us. We were both a little cranky with each other. The boys filled the house, so I suggested we take a drive in our new car. The black leather seats had not been christened, so she agreed and we drove a few miles to a quiet farm lane.

We looked around when we stopped, then kissed each other deeply whilst groping at each others bodies. Julie raised her bum and I moved her skirt up exposing her pantyless pussy and dipped a couple of fingers into her cunt before placing them in her hungry mouth. She was wetter than usual, I knew she was fucking as horny as hell, so I unbuttoned my throbing 6"s from my jeans and pulled her head over me and quickly feeling her hot mouth suck and lick my full length.

As she wanked me into her mouth I slapped her bottom gently, reaching to open her pussy from behind, which as I looked up revealed a bearded middle-aged man staring at her exposed legs, bum and puffy pussy lips. I thought about immediately pulling away, but Julie's blowjob threw heightened sexual feelings through my body, and her also biting at my nipples meant I was in this until I shot my load.

I opened Julie's pussy and in doing so informed her that we were being watched. Good! Julie replied. I got her to look behind her to view this man, she continued to wank me as she turned. Are you bothered? she asked me. I told her I was okay if she was okay.

Julie sat back in her front passenger seat, then undid the side zip of her skirt and let it fall into the footwell. She unbuttoned her blouse, and unclipped her bra, exposing her small perfect breasts whilst looking at this man. The old fellow was clearly rubbing his groin, but began tapping on her window. Julie ordered me to open the window, which I did to halfway. The man spoke, saying if you let me watch you fuck I will keep an eye out for anyone else coming, and would it be okay for him to take his cock out and wank as he watched?

Julie ordered me to lick her cunt and as I did so she tugged hard on her exposed nipples before replying to the man and asking him to show us both his cock.

In a moment he had unzipped and pulled out a thick, easily 9" monster of a penis. He was almost fully erect and a shiney purple head was now only a couple of feet from Julies reach. It's a deal agreed Julie.

Let's shag said Julie. She thought we should do this outside. Almost naked she opened her door and moved out to lay face down on the bonnet. I jumped out of the car and moved quickly behind her, licking her bumhole and pussy before dropping my jeans to the ground and entering her easily. Julie pushed hard against me and we soon were fucking hard. My cock was wet with her pussy juice and I loved watching me slide in and out of her.

Julie raised her head to the side and asked the man to show himself wanking. He moved to the nearside wing, at which point Julie reached out and took hold of his big cock. I could not hold on and I spunked hard inside her. Seeing her touch him threw me over the edge and I had to cum. I squirted several strands over Julie's beautiful arse and then spanked her once making her right cheek very red. Julie sqealed and then turned around laying back on the bonnet and asked the man to wank over her pussy as she makes herself cum.

In no time I was replaced with the guy slapping her pussy as he wanked away. Before you cum< Julie told the man, put your cock in me. Julie unlike the man did not seek my opinion and asked him again. I nodded, thinking she was completely out of it and I couldn't object anyway.

The man entered her slowly, using his left hand to steer it into her pink pussy. He had easily six inches inside her and I could see her pussy stretch easily around him. Julie came as she frigged herself, and the man forced about a dozen hard strokes before he pulled out and shot a load of sperm over her belly, which soon ran alongside her cunt and down her thighs.

Julie was shaking, before loudly laughing and crying out that she fucking needed that. I helped her up once I had replaced my own clothing, and got her back into the car.

I approached the man who was broadly smiling, and thanked him for being a gentleman, but that we needed to go and hoped that maybe we would see him around. He chuckled and said to take his number.

In the car on the way to the pub for a quick drink Julie apologised for touching and fucking the stranger, but then countered the apology with when seeing the size of his cock she could not miss such an opportunity and hoped I would forgive her.

Over a G&T I told her that I had not been so aroused and that I had his number and that we should talk about this later. Later meant that after discovering that we had 'dogged' we have now both looked at some interesting sites on the web, including SH. What we have done seems quite commonplace, and sexual fantasy involving other men (with big cocks) gets Julie even wetter and hornier.

I don't think this will be the last time Julie will fuck another man, mainly because our negative boy controlled sex life created this greater openess in our love life. We now seek advice on how to go about this discreetly?