Written by LogMan

29 Jul 2007

Seems strange now, Anne was friend but there had never been anything but mild flirting. I wasnt til 'dogging' was mentioned at a party for a laugh that things changed!

Nothing much happened that night but as all the other ladies looked repulsed, Anne whispered that they should try it before knocking it! As you can imagine I was intrigued. Fast forward 2 years and things have really moved on.

Anne is mid 30s, a tall well dressed proffesional woman, small pert boobs and a gorgeous shaven pussy. She also likes her arse being fingered but not full anal. We have had loads of fun with her telling me how she flirted with other guys (her husband is sooooo boring and doesnt realise what a sexy wife he has).

It all came to ahead when we arranged to meet at a car park for some fun. What happened next actualy shocked me. The car park was packed (well it was midday) and we started our usual kissing and petting..... I was licking and teasing Annes gorgeous shaved pussy and she was absolutely soaking wet and the car was filling with that 'sex' smell. Things changed when Anne sat bolt upright and said 'we are being watched' and pulled her skirt down! My cock was rock hard as she

had a minor panic. The guy was well built nad in his late 40s and was stood right next to the passenger door. 'Shall we give him a show?' I asked... Anne was hesitant at first but then said 'fuck it!.. Go on!' I looked the guy straight in the eye as I pressed the electric window on Annes side down. I could hear Annes breathing change as the guy reached in and touched her very erect nipples, and as he did she gasped. My fingers were pounding her now soaking ussy when I felt another set of fingers pushing mine aside 'Fucking hell he is fingering me' Anne said as he shoved 2 then 3 fingers inside MY fuck buddy.... doesnt get better than this huh? Then something happened that shocked me again! Anne twisted round and pushed her pussy right up to the window... The guys face was about 6 inches from Annes pussy and arse...... he fingered both viusly as Anne tried to moan with my cock stuffed in her mouth. Within seconds we both heard the guy groan as he wanked himself and came all over the passenger door!!

Anne quickly 'dressed herslf and almost ran to her car and drove away!!!

We have had many a meet thinking about that encounter and if you were the lucky guy....... I hope u enjoyes it!