Written by Slut hubby surprised

20 Jun 2014

We had been tonight to a fiftieth birthday party.

During the night Chelle had been dancing with three young guys and after we were pissed it came to the last dance and she had to decide who she danced with.

She chose Tim and went to the floor and I watched as his hands mauled Chelles big tits, arse and at the end pushed his fingers up her skirt into her cunt.

Las t orders were called after the dance and the four of is went to a table to finish our drinks as Chelle and Tim sat opposite Chelle opened her legs as we all drank and Tim's fingers opened her cunt under the table and Chelle opened her legs wider.

Paul moved next to Michelle and she began looking at him and opened her mouth and gave him a kiss as his fingers pushed up her cunt.

I suggested we finish our drink and leave to walk home.

We had about a thirty minute walk and the guys said they would accompany us as they all lived not too far from us.

In reality I had not seen them near our house so I guessed they were hoping for some fun on the way home.

We all left and we were all drunk and we went thru town to the underpass. When we got there Michelle said she needed a piss!

She told the guys that she needed a pee and for them to turn round which being gentlemen they all did, NOT!

Michelle lifted her short skirt and pulled her knickers down and squatted and began to piss. Now us guys watched her and my cock got hard as did the other three guys as we watched Michelle's pussy shoot out her piss.

Tim whom I knew Michelle fancied said he needed a piss also but needed a little help and could Michelle help him out?

Michelle looked at me and I just nodded as Tim opened his flies and Michelle moved towards him and took hold of his cock. Tim's pants fell down between his knees as Michelle directed his prick away from his legs and a stream of piss began to erupt from Tim's prick. He kept spurting his piss and Michelle directed it away from all of us. As Tim's piss began to wain Peter said it was his turn to have a piss and Michelle should hold his cock as he did it.

Michelle turned and said perhaps I might want to piss and would we like to do something really dirty?

I knew Michelle's fantasy was to have few guys piss on her, abuse her and fuck her. It looked like this might prove a potential for this to happen.

I said we could piss on Michelle's cunt and then we could all fuck her cunt after we had pissed on it. They could not believe it but I told them it was our fantasy and Michelle took off her top, skirt and knickers and laid down on the grass before us.

To show the guys we were serious I took my semi hard cock and began to piss onto Michelle's large tits. The other guys looked and the followed me and we all did our best to piss onto Michelle's tits and cunt as she rubbed her clit hard.

The piss was running down her tits onto her pussy and she was rubbing her clit as we were all pissing on her big tits,

Michelle began to rub her her cunt faster as our piss began to subside,

She was still rubbing her cunt as Tim pushed her backwards and rolled on top of Michelle pushing his cock up her cunt. he began to convulse almost immediately and shot his spunk up her cunt.

Michelle frigged her clit furiously but foul not come yet and Steve dragged Tim off Michelle and pushed his long hard shaft cock up her well lubricated pussy and began to furiously fuck her fat pussy hard. Steve did not last long and began to shoot his hot wet spunk into my wife as she rubbed her pusssy but still could not come as she was too pissed.

Dave then pushed Steve out of the way and began to shove his large cock up Michelles very we'll used and open big fat pussy, it was running with spunk and piss and Dave just unceremoniously pushed his hard fat cock up her cunt and began to fuck her on the grass as we all watched.

His balls slammed against Michelle's arse and she began to shout she was cumming and for Dave to fuck her cunt hard and he did. Dave fucked her hard as Michelle's cunt convulsed underneath him as we watched. Michelle began to cum, so did Dave and he shouted as his cock shot jets of hot cum inside my wife as she came and we saw as her cunt convulsed and spat girly cum juice on Dave's cock as his spunk shot deep inside Michelles dirty cunt they came hard together and we watched as his flaccid prick slipped from Michelle's big pussy lips.

Michelle lay there as we looked at my dirty slut wife. Her cunt full of spunk her her tits pissed upon.

We got dressed and carried on walking back to our house where we managed to have a session abusing Michelle for about three hours. It got a little bit naughty as Michelle was quite drunk and indulged in some of her fantasies which was surprising for me as I did not realise she liked being abused as much as she did. It was quite bad in the end and I was surprised at how much she wanted degrading, but we agreed it was very exciting and we would like to repeat the experience, especially Michelle who loved the abuse she received later on!

If any of you guys would like to hear what happened please let Michelle know, she is eager to please?