Written by paul

16 Oct 2011

we recently went to majorca on holiday to shagaluf and i finaly got to see my wife taken by so many men i lost count we had booked to go to the aquasol but on arrival we was told we would have to move to another hotel as they had over booked and we ended up in an 18 30s hotel my wife wasnt pleased but made the best of it taking advantage of cock teasing the lads around the pool by going topless but that was as far as she would go idropped a few hints that if she wanted we could have some fun but she just said dont be rude so every night we went out for a few drinks then back to the hotel we had just got back and she told me she had a bad headache so i should go and have a drink and she was going up and taking a sleeping tablet and going to bed so off i went the bar was packed and i just managed to get in and get a drink then i came out and sat by the pool one off the guys we had spoken to over the week said hello and asked where my wife was i said upstairs asleep . he said what a shame she has a fit arse and lovely tits and had made his cock hard many times this week he said i bet shes up there now getting fucked and your down here .i just laughed at him and said i wished it was true as i would love to have seen her fucked with that he said come on then i am game if you are i said ok let me see if shes asleep f she is i will be back in ten minutes when i got to the room it was in darkness and she was naked lay on top of the bed totaly nude so i thought why not do it proper so i tied her to the bed with her legs wide apart and blindfolded her then went back down to the pool to get him he was waiting but had now got 5 mates with him 2 off which were black i said whats going on and he said they all wanted her i said ok come to our room number 362 in 5 minutes i went back to the room and not long after there was a knock on the door my heart was beating very fast and i thought fuck me she going to get it and wont know a thing i opened the door and they all rushed in but not 5 off them but half the fucking bar by the time they all got in and i had got to her one guy was already up her fucking for england and a few others were wanking one after another mounted her or wanked over her mouth and face after 20 or 30 minutes she was turned over and a pillow put under her to raise her arse up in the air one off the black guys came over and got down between her legs and fed her all his cock in one pushed making her struggle abit making 2 lads hold her down while his mate fucked her after an hour all the lads had come and left me and the other black guy to clean up there was condoms everywhere my mife was now lay on her back fast asleep i wiped all the spunk off her face and tits and went to the bathroom to get a towel when i came back he had turned her over and was fucking her again but she was moaning a lot i said i think she has had enouhg now cos she is moaning to much he siad thats cos ime up her fuckin arse spunking as he told me ,how i was going to explain a sore arse to her i didnt know cos i only have a 7 inch cock and he had just give her 9 n half anyway he upped and left thanking me for making it the best night of his holliday with that he left and i went to bed the following day she got up and siad did you fuck me last night and i said yes you looked so horny lay on the bed when i got in i said is that ok she said no problem later that day we was at the pool and the black guys walked past as she was bending over and both of them said nice tight arse she said what did they say and i said they have just said nice tight arse to which she said wouldnt they like to know.pity i cant tell her that they do know and so does half the others as well