Written by Carla

5 Aug 2008

Last saturday evening my hubby and me went to a party im Belfast for our friends\\\' engagement. As usual, he headed straight for the improvised bar and I ended up dancing with a variety of the male guests. I hardly knew anyone there and there were lots of people from Scotland. Im 57 but look much younger and as the evening went on, I found myself dancing with a good looking scots guy called Rab who was in his early 30\\\'s.

Rab danced very close to me and i could fel his hardness. We even shared a few hot kisses and he ran his hands over my boobs when no one was looking.

He suddenly whispered in my ear \\\"I want you now,Carla\\\" and after a quick glance at my by now drunk hubby, I decided that I wanted him too.

I went upstairs and motioned to Rab to follow me. We went into the bathroom and I lifted my skirt up and pulled my G string to one side. Rab just slid his cock into me from behind and fucked me like mad. He opened my blouse and lifted my bra and teased my nipples as i reached down and cupped his balls and tried to feel the cock which I was impaled on.

His cock was thick and long and for a moment, he pulled out amd let me run my hand up and down his shaft. It was dripping with my juices and i wanted to get my lips around it, but Rab said we didnt have the time and he ben me over the sink and shoved his cock back into my dripping pussy.

He hammered his cock into me again and shot a full load inside me. My knees buckled and i almost fell, but he steadied me as he withdrew. He handed me a tissuse and opened the door to check outside, before smiling at me and saying, 2Later babes\\\" He left then and i locked the door, while I tidied myself up.

I rejoined the party but my legs were too weak to dance, Later on Rab handed me his mobile phone number and said he\\\'d be in touch. I can hardly wait.