Written by sophie

11 May 2007

Im a woman whos always enjoyed showing my body off to any men willing to admire it and ive often enjoyed sexual exploits with many of my male friends. Ive just recently been introduced to dogging by two male fuck buddies of mine. Last sunday was my second time dogging with tony and shawn and it was the best yet. When we arrived the place was quite busy with plenty of sexy action going on, which got me wet straight away. Tony and shawn said i should take off all my clothes apart from my stokings and heels, i willingly obliged and lay on the back seat and began to play my clit which was already nice and wet with anticipation. The light inside the car was turned on and tony got out and opened the back door and was shining a torch on my pussy while i played. Shawn was groping my tits from the front.

At this point two other men came over to watch the fun and tony slid his cock into my dripping pussy and began pumping away. Shawn then opened the other back door and positioned himself so i could suck his lovely hard cock. It got me so horny as i knew we were being watched and men waiting to see if they could fuck me once my guys were done.

Tony pulled out and shot his load all over my tits and then asked if it was ok to let a stranger fuck me. I was willing as it was what i had come for, guy number two pushed my legs back to my shoulders and pushed his cock inside me, he gave my the full lengh straight away and fucked me like a slut, when he was ready to cum he pulled my head to his cock so i could taste his thick cum. Guy 3 was huge and pumped me for at least ten minutes.

I ended up fucking 5 men on the back seat and swallowing 3 loads of cum, before they got me out the car and lifted me up onto the bonnet. I felt like such a slut but iwas loving it. By this time I had 7 guys around me all feeling and groping and sticking there fingers inside me and pulling and wanking my clit.

I cant tell you how many times i got fucked that night but my pussy was so sore and swollen at the end of the night.

I would totally recommend it to any woman wanting to be used and fucked until she cant take anymore. Tony and Shawn were very impressed by my efforts and took me home to get fucked some more. As my pussy had been so used they both gave me a good anal session so both my holes got streched. They said next time we go we should have anal and pussy action and i am more than willing.