Written by slutgirl

4 Jan 2010

Since our last fuck, i have been abusing my pussy with the vibrator he bought me at least 3 times a day. Everytime i close my eyes and think of his cock, tongue and his fingers been ramped in my wet pussy. He was tieD up with family over the xMAS to new years day period. i wanted his cock so badly.

On the 2nd, i was invited over and couldn't wait . I dressed up really sexy and really tarted myself up..

Upon entering his pad, he just grapped me and shoved his tongue down my throat and stripped me naked. He bend me over the sofa, with my knees on the couch and hands over the edge. I bent over a bit more, exposing my arse and pussy for him. He started to finger my pussy while kisses my arse and flicking my pussy lips with his tongue. He moved his fingers from my pussy and started to play with my arse hole. Occasionally pushing it into my arse hole.. He then took out some KJ and started to publication my arse. His finger started starting getting deeper while he continued to lick my pussy . I was on fire and screaming with pleasure. He then stood up and put some more KJ on his cock and slowly started to pushed his knob in me. I bent further more for easier entry. He pushed his hard cock in my arse and it hurt, but felt really good. Once half of his 8 inched was in, he started to fuck me. His strides became faster, and his cock entered me more. He continued at speed and i was screaming for me. His speed increased and i felt his cum right in my arse. He emptied his load and continued. I was building up to my orgasm and with a few more strides i screamed with pleasure and shot i juices. He bent over and started to lick my juices. It felt really nice.

We recovered for a bit and as usual he asked to lick his cock till hard and made me ride his cock on his sofa till we both came.

He led me to the shower later and rubbed me over over with soapy shower gel and fucked me again.

I had to leave after two hours. he has promised to take me away for a weekend of pure sex.

Shall i go or shall i stop seeing him?