Written by S

8 Nov 2009

We've both reached 50 and sex for me is still important but for M it seemed to be something just to keep me happy and although she'd cum she showed little interest. I bought some sex toys to try and spice things up, which she'd use but they spent most of the time in the drawer. This summer I suggested we go to a resort in France which had a large naturist section of beach nearby. Maybe if she saw some cocks it might spark some interest.

We arrived at our camping site and set up and went for a walk along the beach until we found the section. I thought lead by example, and stripped off but she took off her bikini top only. She is curvy and has large tits, which aren't as firm as they once were, but not what you would call sagging. We walked some way paddling before returning and dressing. Nearby were 2 German lads of about 22 also dressing, They were both fair haired and M was looking at their cocks which were both quite large and swinging between their legs. We followed them they went into the same site to a tent opposite our caravan. A little later we were sitting outside drinking when M suggested inviting them for a drink. Fortunately they spoke some English and joined us. I couldn't help notice that they were looking at M's tits and legs. We could hear a disco playing and Michael and Hans suggested going. I declined but M jumped up and went with them. It was after midnight when she returned and she came in just wearing her panties, explaining she'd been hot and had stopped for a shower and hadn't put her dress back on as they were only about a 100 yds away.

The next day I needed to go to get some supplies, M said she was going to the naturist beach with Michael and Hans and to catch up later. On my return I headed for the beach walking along the dunes most people at the sea edge but I could see M and the lads near the dunes. As I got closer I could see that she was naked with them either side spreading lotion on her back. I stopped and lay down behind some grass to watch. The got down to her bum and poured the lotion on her arse and started rubbing it in getting closer to her crack each time. Their finger brushed her crack and she opened her legs a little. From either side a hand slipped between her legs and she spread wider. They now had access to her pussy and it was obvious they were fingering her cunt and she was moving her hips. She reached for their cocks which were semi erect but they stopped her and picked up the towels and moved out of sight in the dunes. I moved so I could see and she was in front of them sucking their cocks which were fully erect. Michael moved behind her and pushed her to her hands and knees knelt behind her shoved his prick straight in her wet cunt. I heard her gasp as his thick prick stretched her pussy. Hans sat in front of her and she dropped her head to his cock. What a change from disinterest in sex. Hans was pulling out then ramming back in when he came, said something in German, as jets of his cum gushed in her cunt. Hans took his place and fucked her hard, M came as he slid his cock out of her and sprayed his cum on her back. I was hard after watching M get fucked and had a wank as they went back to the beach and I joined them 10 minutes later.

That night we had one of the best fucks in years. But when I woke at about 1am she was not there. I want outside and looked and could see the shadows of 3 people in Hans and Michael's tent and noises which could only be her being fucked again. I made a point then to let her go to the beach first with them, saying I'd join them in a couple of hours and then most days watch them fuck her and suck her tits in the dunes. Several times they tit fucked her cumming on her face she used her fingers to scrape it into her mouth and swallow it. I'd fuck her at night before she, disappeared to their tent where I would sit outside and watch there silhouettes as they fucked.

At the end of the holiday she told me it was the best holiday she'd had and wants to return next year. I told her I'd watched her being fucked and since we've been home we fuck almost every day and in different positions. She likes the idea of being watched, and is planning to find someone to fuck her while I watch. Something to thank the two German lads for.