Written by Pond dipper

25 Nov 2009

Last weekend three of us mature ladies decided to help with the village pond clear up,so on sunday we got our old gardening clothes on,our husbands went to golf and we turned up with about 20 others, led by the warden steve, who is about 45 and set to work ,we were given some lighter duties but been fit we had no trouble doing some extras,fortified by tea and lunch . Whilst walking back to the pond i felt a hand stroke my bum ,i looked round and it was steve so i turned to him and smiled a naughty smile and he went on his way i felt a very naughty girl flirting with somebody not my husband.

At the end of the day steve thanked us for all our efforts and took our details so he could tell us about any other projects that they may do in the future,so we went home and i had a soak in the bath and babbled on to my husband about what a great day we had,but he was more interested in sky sports when the phone rang ,it was steve asking if i had enjoyed the day and if he could pop round in the morning for a chat ,giggling like a schoolgirl,i told him,norman my husband went to work at 8 30 so any time after 9 was fine, god what was i doing, as i put the phone down i was shaking with what i had just arranged here i was 62 ,never kissed anyone but my husband.

I kissed norman goodbye and went upstairs and slipped on some beautiful lace topped stockings, suspenders ,briefs and bra and put on a navy silk dress, just as i finished my lips, the bell rang, my stomach felt sick as i opened it to find steve standing there ,he gently kissed me on the cheek and i reached down and took his hand and brought him into the hall closing the door behind him . I put my hands behind his head and pulled his lips to mine, he tasted fantastic as our tongues explored each others mouths ,his hands dropped down my back and lifted the hem of my silk dress and worked up my stocking clad legs his tongue told me he loved this and as he pressed forward i could feel that he was really excited getting harder all the time, his fingers working into the tops of my stockings feeling my naked skin. I broke away and dropped down onto my knees and quickly undid his belt and pulled his trousers down leaving a pair of boxers holding a huge beast, so i pulled these down and as i did steves huge penis flew up and hit him on the stomach ,i just gobbled the huge thing into my mouth , my fingers reached round the shaft as i pulled back, i looked at it ,it was beautiful so different to the only one i had ever seen before,normans was thinner and circumsized and about 5 inches long .

I pulled the foreskin back to reveal a huge purple head i licked all around the glans and steve moaned as i did, i started to take it into my mouth sucking like mad ,i hadnt done this to norman in 10 years and never at the front door steves hands reached round the back of my head as i took more and more of his 8 inches into my mouth as he started to fuck my mouth after a short time i broke away and i looked up at him and told him to come upstairs and led him by the hand to my marraige bed , he kissed me deep and carresssed and stroked me through my clothes i loved the attention ,he gently laid me onto the bed and worked his way over my dress to my breasts sucking them through the material finally after a very long time he reached inside my dress and found my nipples ,rock hard in the bra he eased the lace down and sucked on them, i was in heaven ,his other hand reached down and found my soaking wet briefs his fingers worked their way inside and my lips parted as his fingers slipped inside me ,we broke apart for a moment and we ripped our own clothes off and i laid on my back ,steve stood above me and he gently rubbed his penis against my soaking pussy ,with a gentle push he slipped the whole length into me ,god did it feel big as he filled me up .Very soon steve got into an amazing rhythm and very shortly i felt myself getting close to an orgasm ,i screamed at him to fuck me and he just kept on going all the way through my orgasm, i had never been like this ,i felt like a total slut as this young guy fucked me senseless after about 45 minutes i felt my body tense and another orgasm hit me .

Steve turned me over onto my knees and and started to fuck me from behind ,god was this good, my husband was an on top and ten minutes later shoot his load man ,here i was been fucked silly , then steve did something i had never ever knew about ,his fingers reached down covered in juices he started to gently rub around my anus and eased one into my hole slowly he pushed it in and worked it in ,all the time his prick deep in my pussy, then he eased out of my pussy and i felt his prick against my anus, he gently pushed and he was inside me i screamed as he gently pushed his length inside me ,he built a slow rhythm up and soon i felt his balls against bum, now he started to fuck me ,me screaming at him as i reached orgasm after orgasm i was putty in his hands it was then i felt him get even harder and he started to pump his come deep into my bum ,he just kept on pumping i could feel it running out of me and down onto my stockings ,he eased out of me and we rolled over and lay down ,he looked at me and i just looked at him and said thank you, we kissed and lay there for ages i looked at the clock and it was 12.30 ,steve had fucked me for 3 hours and i felt like never before and i just didnt care ,

Steve then got up and said he really must be going and said some nice things and left ,i sat in the shower for ages spunk running out of my very sore arse for the rest of the day .I went down into the village later and joyce ,one of the other ladies from the pond clear up, saw me in the shop and blurted out that steve had phoned her and was popping round on wednesday for a chat, to make sure she was alright from the weekend work,i smiled at her and thought of the spunk running down my stockings as i chatted to her,i said to her to let me know what he is like and walked slowly and sorely away.

I met her at the weekend but thats will follow another day!!