Written by ALAN

18 Jul 2009

This is a true event which happened a month ago .I am writing this as I have been told to by my wifes lover,.

I had arrived home early and saw the wifes car in the drive ,opened the door and could hear her moaning .When I walked into the front room she was bent over the arm of the settee and being fucked hard and fast by some Bodybuilder type .

I stood there for a minute in shock before saying what the hell is this about,my wife went to get up but the bloke said stay there .He looked at me and said you sit down and shut up till I finish fucking her,

I goes you had better get out of my house now, He just laughed and carried on fucking her, so I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder next second I am on my knees as this bloke had some pressure point in my hand and I could not do a thing about it.

He just carried on fucking my wife telling me I was going to stay there and watch as my bitch of a wife got screwed after about 15 minutes he started to come in her and let go off my arm as I collasped on the floor he pulled out of her and told her to go and get him a beer .

I went to stand up but he put his foot on my chest and held me down ,as my wife came in he told her to stand over me so I could get a good look at a well fucked cunt, as she stood there a couple of drips of come landed on my face, I tried again to get up but he got down and grabbed my nuts saying you will do as you are bloody told and I never said move.Then he told her to sit on my face so I could clean her out ,I could feel his come over her and tried to turn my head but he put some pressure on my balls and told me to lick her clean .

I was crying with shame and fear but did as I was told and licked her out for about 10 minutes before he told her to get up, so she got to her feet and walked over to him and he pushed her on her knees and said suck this bitch and we will let the wimp watch a slut in action,so I lay there for about 5 minutes as my wife sucked his cock back to full hardness.

He then told me to join my wife on her knees as he thought I should have a go at a real cock I lay there and shook my head tears steaming down my face but he pulled me up by my hair and told me to suck it .I shook my head and he smacked me across the face and said suck it or get some more.

I took his cock in my mouth and he grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth hard for around 5 minutes then pushed me away good boy he said now you know what is expected of you dont you ,I never answed and he he backhanded me across the face dont you he said ,Yes I cried now stay there while me and your wife enjoy each other ..

More next time