Written by alan

2 Sep 2009

Hi folks sorry for delay.

I have now been under my masters control for around a month so far I have been shared around his friends including my wifes ex who comes to our house to fuck us both.

Any way last week I needed to put a advert out for a P A in my office so I adverised and got a few replys .On the day of the interviews I was sitting in my office when my secretary rang to say the first candadate was here ,show them though I said and this gorgouse blond walked though the door .

Good morning would you like to take a seat I asked No she replied but you can get on your knees and kiss my feet.I looked at her and she smacked me round the face get on your knees bitch .I got on my knees and started kissing her feet very good she said Brian said you were well trained,She leant back on the desk lifted up her skirt and said suck my pussy so I crawled across the floor and started to lick round her pussy ,after about 15 minutes she pushed me off and said would you like a fuck now.Please I replied well bend over the desk while I get my strapon out the bag she said laughing .

I looked at her and she said get your pants off and bend over that desk now ,As I was bent over the desk she put the phone in my hand and said you had better let front desk know the job is taken.As I put the phone down she put this strap on up my arse and started to fuck me. Now she said this is how it is going to be . I will do my job well dont worry but if I want you as my bitch you will do it is that clear,Yes I gasped as she fucked me good and hard over the desk .After about 20 minutes she pulled out and told me to lay on the floor .I got on the floor and she told me to suck her pussy again as she sat on my face so I licked and sucked her till she came over my face .Well done she said you were very good so as a reward she pushed her self down and sat on my cock you may fuck me .So I started to push up into her she slapped me round the face and laughed or rather I am going to fuck you and I dont want to feel you pushing up at me

just lie there and I will do what I want with you I spent the next 30 minutes with this gourgous blond fucking me and when I finally came in her she sat on my face and made me clean her out.

Well she said after we both got dressed you are really very good at fucking this could be a nice little job for both of us dont you think so .Yes I replied but I dont even know your name oh she laughed I am sam and there is a nice little mini on the showroom which will make a nice company car for me dont you agree .Ok I replied good little bitch she said I will see you tomorrow at 9.00 am goodbye ,Bye I replied as she left