Written by Forest2627

20 Jun 2013

This amazing episode happened yesterday ,and I still can't believe it happened

We have an allotment ,and it takes up a fair bit of our time but now the kids have gone we can do that,

I was on the plot yesterday ,sorting out some stuff in the glasshouse,when I saw someone on the next door plot who I didn't know,

The husband is a councillor on the local council and winges and moans for England about 70 years old ,but I never ever in 10 years seen his wife on there,well I said hello to her and she smiled back ,a largish lady ,about mid sixties but cheery

As I continued close to her the heavens opened and down came the rain ,I made for the shed ,she did not have one to shelter in so I said come in here,with that she joined me,,are you sure it's ok she asked and I told her it was ,so I said to her where was her husband ,and he was not too good so she was keeping the plot ticking over doing the watering and such

Well I use my wife's old stockings to tie up the beans and such on the plot. ,and I love it ,I had about ten or so pairs of stockings over a hook in the shed ,she glanced and said what a great use for them ,so I said you should give yours to Ted to use on the plot ,with that she blushed and I quickly asked if she wore stockings ,she went a bit red and said no not now,I told her I love seeing my wife in stockings and not tights i love them ,so I asked her if Ted loved to see her in stockings,she nodded her head and said not anymore,

I pushed her saying what do you mean and she was now blushing ,and I thought they obviously don't have sex anymore ,so I said looking her in the eyes ,I'd love to see you stockings,I watched her and she was now very red ,she said oh no you wouldn't ,so I very quickly said cheekly,oh yes I would love to see you in some stockings ,you would look very sexy ,

She looked at me and burst out crying ,real tears ,so I gave her a big hug put my arms around her and held her for a few seconds,she lifted her head from my shoulders,looked in my eyes ,I saw she was not sure so I moved my mouth down and kissed her lips gently,she didn't move ,didn't pull away so I kept kissing her ,after a short time her mouth opened so i slowly French kissed her ,she was breathing heavy.

I dropped my hands down and started to stroke her bum through her jeans kissing her all the time ,she was really going for it ,so I moved one hand round to the front and started to rub her pussy through the jeans ,again she did not stop me,kept doing this for a few minutes then I pulled away gently still kissing and slipped my hands up to cup her breasts and started to rub them though her t shirt and bra ,she was moaning now so I pulled the t shirt out of her jeans and put both hands up onto the naked skin and her bra and found her nipples and tweaked them,she was putty now ,so I broke off and took her shirt off quickly and sucked the nips though the bra at the same time my fingers undid the hooks at the back and released it,

Her huge breasts were free they were big ,40dd it said in the bra,I sucked those nipples for ages she was moaning ,after about 5 mins she changed her breathing ,I knew was was about to come so I sucked harder ,with this she screamed and she tensed and she shook ,I quickly undid the jeans and took them down ,with her big white panties pulled down over her boots and ,i dropped to my knees at started to eat her hairy pussy out ,boy was she moaning after a couple more minutes she started to get wet again and sure enough she started to moan I sucked her clit harder and boy did she cum ,her legs stated to go as her juices ran down my tongue ,

I now stood up kissed her on the lips she really kissed back,w ith that I pushed her shoulders down ,and she took the hint and dropped to her knees as she did she undid my jeans they fell down and my aching rock hard cock was straining against the boxers ,she pulled these down and it was free ,she gasped and said its so big ,it's not only 7 inches but it was rock hard she looked at it ,not sure what to do ,so I said kiss it with this she did gently all along the end ,so I said now take it in your mouth ,here was this lady in her 60s sucking my cock never having done this before ,she said so after,she started slowly and really got into it ,me telling her to suck harder ,she did as she was told to god was this good,I couldn't last much longer ,so I was really bad now and I held her head as I pumped my cum into her mouth ,so bad I know ,but so good ,I cum a lot so she had no option and she swallowed it ,all of it ,a bit seeped out of her mouth ,I cried out ,fuck that's good ,as I filed her mouth

I let go of her head and she looked up at me ,I smiled down at her and said thank you,she looked so shocked but was smiling so it was all cool ,i pulled up my jeans ,as she started to put back on her clothes ,when we were dressed ,I looked at her and said thank you and kissed her forehead,so turned to me and said no thank you,we chatted for a bit and she had never sucked her hubby and had never tasted cum before,

I told her that if she was down here in stockings you never know what will happen ,so I gave her my mobile number and hope that she's up for a repeat performance and hope she goes and buys some stockings