Written by John-cummer

21 Feb 2010

Mandy and Wendy are two ladies who work at the samw place as me. A few weeks ago I saw them in a bar one Friday night, it was quite late and they had been drinking lots and were quite merry.

I went over and we got chatting and hd a few drinks together, by now they were well pissed and when they got off the bar stools they could hardly stand.

I knew they were both married but tonight I found out they were both 38 yaers old Mandy with two teenage children and Wendy with no children, they also looked very sexy dressed in low cut tops and short skirts A fancied the arse off them and as a 24 year old would love to get inside the knickers of two older ladies.

I asked where they were going next they appeared not to know so I asked they wanted to come back to my flat for more drinks or maybe to sober up before they went home to their hubbies, to my suprise they both agreed so I called a taxi and we were on our way. In the taxi they were both all over me, kissing my ear and rubbing my cock through my trousers I could not wait to get home and see how this developed.

Once inside the flat I decided to try my luck and grabbed Mandy and started to snog her and run my hands up her legs to feel her arse through her little black dress, no resistance so I started to undress her, removing her blouse and skirt to leave her standing in a black bra and thong. Her tits were big and as I was snogging her again I unclipped it and her tits swung free, I now wanted to fuck her and quickly removed all my clothes and stood in front of her naked with a massive hard on that Mandy took in her mouth and started to give me a blow job

All the time this was going on Wendy was siiting in the chair with her thong pulled to one side fingering herself, it looked like I would be fucking both these married ladies tonight.

I managed to stop Mandy sucking my cock and got her on the floor with her legs apart, I was now rampant and I ripped her thong off and positioned myself between her legs ready to fuck her. She then told me that I would have to use a condom as her hubby had just had the snipped and she was not on the pill, she also told me that hubby was black so could not take the risk of a white man getting her preggers.

I went to my bedside draw and slide on a condom went back and slide my now rampant cock into Mandy's willing cunt and gave her a good fucking flipping her into the doggie position after about 5 minutes, the sight of her tits swinging was to much and I filled the condom with my full load of spunk.

All the time I was fucking Mandy Wendy had been playing with herself and I now wanted to fuck her, Mandy now went and sat on the chair and Wendy joined me on the floor, I removed all her clothes including her red thong, she had samller tits and a very tight arse. I was now hard again and positioned myself between her legs, just efore entering her I asked if she was on the pill, she nodded and I slide my bare cock up her soaking cunt till my balls slapped against her arse.

She was so tight and her cunt was like a milking machine as I gave her good fucking in both missionary and doggie positions before filling her soaking aroused cunt with my second load of the night.

I then called both these randy married ladies a taxi and sent them home to their hubbies, one full of my spunk and one minuss her thong.

I have seen both Mandy and Wendy seperatly since and have fucked them both many times but Mandy told me just before I fucked her the other night that she had gone on the pill without hubby knowing, she said she kept her supply and took the pill at work.

What a turn on that was and I gave her one hell of a fucking bareback filling her fully aroused cunt with my fertile seed for the first time.

I have also taken some good pictures and vidios on my phone of me fucking these two randy ladies as most times they come to my flat they are on nights out, well pissed and have no idea what I am doing when I fuck them doggie.